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  1. Count_Slapula

    Six female rappers you should know

    No love for Jean Grae still
  2. Count_Slapula

    Atmosphere - Kanye West

    I agree, but When Life Gives You Lemons and even Family Sign sounds so good, those are fun albums that are enjoyable. God Loves Ugly was really the height of his creativity imo. Oh well, we have a place for everything. Eyedea and Aesop Rock are far better.
  3. Count_Slapula

    Atmosphere - Kanye West

    lol chill bro, he's not even close to being emo. My main problem with Atmosphere is the fact he's been dumbing his content down with every new release, and its to the point where he sounds like shit on the radio now. It's simple and boring, but wow this production is getting better every release.
  4. Count_Slapula

    Steam Deals

    Just started, from the 27th to the 3rd. New deals every 8 hours and pretty much everything is at least 50% off. Sleeping Dogs 5$ (All DLC is 11$ doesn't include game) Skyrim 7.50$ or 20$ for legendary edition Outlast 7$ (Scary survival game) Binding of Issac 2.50$ Walking Dead 6.24$ Dead...
  5. Count_Slapula

    Colorado rap

    These guys are sick as fuck, one of my favorite albums bQ_QGlQ9OQI yM9OAvm_mwc
  6. Count_Slapula


    He still can't put out a good cd, and I used to fuck with papoose so seeing him around still is disappointing
  7. Count_Slapula Official Fantasy League

    Go to the my team section in the league and you'll see it
  8. Count_Slapula Official Fantasy League

    8 Teams, standard league. I have the draft set for this Saturday at 6 PM PST. Can change anything if needed. Join Custom League - Free Fantasy Football | 2013 Fantasy Football - Password: Lynch
  9. Count_Slapula

    George Zimmerman--Not Guilty

    I wasn't on either side but there's no way he should of been let off the hook like that. There needs to be a more thorough investigation and another trial.
  10. Count_Slapula

    Best Fights of All Time

    Best commentator ever too. IvlFoQTse8s Post up the best fights in any combat sport
  11. Count_Slapula

    Christpher Dorner

    lol like Dorner is checking Twitter for info while hundreds of cops are 20 feet away from his doorstep. #cmonson #teamdorner
  12. Count_Slapula

    The Ultimate Fighter 17: Sonnen vs Jones

    Has anyone been watching it? Really dope season so far, I haven't seen this much talent before. Links: TUF Season 17 Episode 1 Video - The Ultimate Fighter: Jones vs. Sonnen | FightVideoMMA - Mixed Martial Arts Videos, MMA Fight Videos, MMA News, MMA Shows, Video Clips... |
  13. Count_Slapula

    Canibus - Rip The Jacker 2: Infinity

    Not much info released however this preview is ill as fuck
  14. Count_Slapula

    Dishonored Some Assassins Creed type shit, same guy who made the first Deus Ex is the lead designer on this game so it should be dope.
  15. Count_Slapula

    Who's got it better than us?

    The Giants
  16. Count_Slapula

    Coming to a hood near you

  17. Count_Slapula

    The Best Show You'll Ever See

  18. Count_Slapula


    Anyone remember that fucked up QWOP game? Heres a sequel to it: VZVkqUJMr5g