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  1. Supa SAV'D OUTT

    Droop-E Humble & Hungry

    So we gonna act like Droop-E ain't got 1 of the best Bay Area CDs in the last couple years huh.. Dude is gettin better with time. That Mobbin Is My Profession is yankin
  2. Supa SAV'D OUTT

    Hella Funny: Roscoe from (DPG) passes out after taking fatass dab of wax

    Hella Funny: Roscoe from (DPG) Pacquiáo'd after taking fat ass dab of wax xgi9QtW4zuI
  3. Supa SAV'D OUTT

    #Crenshaw Midnight Release at YOUth

  4. Supa SAV'D OUTT

    EA Ski & CMT Beef???

    Why did they break up anyway? What was their beef? I cant remember .. but they should get back to producing together again
  5. Supa SAV'D OUTT

    Nipsey Hussle #CRENSHAW

    Dope quality music. A must download ... Its rivaling Bullets Aint Got No Names 3. Also I wanna say how smart of a business move this was to sell his mixtape for #100. Signed copy out of 1,000 pressed up, Crenshaw hoody, got to do a meet and greet, and a private concert of dedicated fans who...
  6. Supa SAV'D OUTT

    If it wasn't for the Siccness......

    Quick reflection on all the random shit Siccness.Net has added to my life. Only Forum site I've ever really been apart of, been on here since 03-04.... I would've never learned about H.A.D. aka "Human Ass Dogg" A "Breh Goon" .. Shoutout to E-40 for sayin that in his song too. I would've never...
  7. Supa SAV'D OUTT

    Kidd Kidd - I'm A G (Bury Me A G)

  8. Supa SAV'D OUTT

    Greatest Rap Group Out The Bay of All-Time

    Hella wish they couldve made another album or two, but they got to many classic .. aint heard this in a minute had to post it sznpAzcI_7Y kSR7ycf1-F4
  9. Supa SAV'D OUTT

    Seriously considering getting Apple TV

    @timebomb so what server do you have? and how much did it cost you?
  10. Supa SAV'D OUTT

    Seriously considering getting Apple TV

    Anybody else has it or knows someone who has it? I like the fact that you can jailbreak it .. Anybody made the switch from regular cable
  11. Supa SAV'D OUTT

    Kidd Kidd - Everyday

    9rGGdcY72PY My nigga Kidd in the neighborhood, spittin that real shit. My neighborhood in New Orleans on the big scene
  12. Supa SAV'D OUTT

    E-40 Every Year

    I saw rhyme and reason the other night for the first time in hella long and it reminded me how I used to slap this shit back in the day as a kid. Another 40 classic bk3g1gFvBI8
  13. Supa SAV'D OUTT

    E-40 The Element of Surprise Double CD

    Where do you rank this CD in E-40's collection? Whats your favorite songs off the CD? Disc 1 (Yellow) 1."The Element of Surprise" – 4:21 2."Trump Change" – 4:30 3."All Tha Time" (feat. B-Legit) – 3:21 4."Dump, Bust, Blast" – 4:11 5."Hope I Don't Go Back" (feat. Otis & Shug) – 4:38...
  14. Supa SAV'D OUTT

    BloodCuz the movie

    imkcn1wfE3E r4pli2odHmM ZpsEi8He8Zc
  15. Supa SAV'D OUTT

    Mac Rell - Yo Bitch Got Knocked

  16. Supa SAV'D OUTT

    Mac Rell - Yo Bitch Got Knocked

  17. Supa SAV'D OUTT

    What happened to the quality of San Diego Rap??

    Shit fell off .. from 2000-07 was some real gangsta ass music .. even from the cheap house studio shit. Documentaries and some more shit was poppin. Maybe I just got older (30) but damn the shit was on the rise then tTVwRGKJDko 0XfK2DsBQhA rQ1zoQ5i7_k LRFr1aEHqHk