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  1. RickyVoorhees

    Video of Killa Tay getting punked

    What does Tay gain by smashin on some buster? Muthaphuka look like he got aids. He said himself he has no car. That's just dumb shit. Especially on camera...
  2. RickyVoorhees

    Video of Killa Tay getting punked

    Man ya'll need some damn hobbies. Nobody punked Tay in this video. Fuck that mr.jones from friday lookin muthaphuka hiding behind the camera. Cause that's exactly what he's doing. Why don't you post the video of you shaking 2 police officer's hands and getting on a first name basis with em...
  3. RickyVoorhees


    Luni need's to quit fuckin with redneck's. . .
  4. RickyVoorhees

    Fury Figeroa-Bonafide Brotha

  5. RickyVoorhees


    Im actually feelin dude, Just needs to take the souljah off his long ass name...
  6. RickyVoorhees

    Fury Figeroa-Top Of The Food Chain

    It still amazes me how slept on Fury is. IMO he is the best artist over past decade. He has what 6-7 projects that dropped and all of em are classic. But this new shit "Top Of The Food Chain" is his best work to date. I've been anticipating it since I first saw the album cover. This album took...
  7. RickyVoorhees

    Any updates from C-Way?

    What's new with the camp? Can we expect anything to drop anytime soon? Still bumpin that Bleezo. . .
  8. RickyVoorhees

    X-RAIDED - PSYCHOACTIVE 2 - April 29 - Snippets

    @Filthy, Who's the cat who spits a few bars on the 2nd verse of "Put The Smash Down"?
  9. RickyVoorhees


    Is this a solo album? mixtape? compilation? What?
  10. RickyVoorhees

    Reason Of The Siccness

    Who do ya'll think had the best verse? I think they all came correct but i'ma go with Bo Loc. . .
  11. RickyVoorhees

    Bone - WWIII

    I like it a lot, Layzie is underated. He never fell off. . .
  12. RickyVoorhees


    This is just a post giving props where props is due. I've never liked dpg. But Warren G has always came out with his own classic music. Very under apreciated IMO. . .
  13. RickyVoorhees

    Bone - WWIII

    This album is pretty dope. I was pleased with it. . .
  14. RickyVoorhees

    New Vamp Dogg

    VAMP-WE SAV OUT - YouTube
  15. RickyVoorhees

    New Vamp Dogg

    VAMP-WE SAV OUT - YouTube
  16. RickyVoorhees

    Locc 2 Da Brain Reunion

    I want to hear this I don't know if it's still happening. BUT, How can it be Locc 2 Da Brain without Lynch? That shit doesn't make sense. I realize that Doc doesn't rap anymore and cats might not want to fuck with em but Lynch has to be a part of it. Maybe see if Babe Reg, T-Tay, Foe Loco want...
  17. RickyVoorhees

    C-Way Mafia Mixtapes

    Can someone up these? The one's on DatPiff aren't working. Thanks!
  18. RickyVoorhees

    Albums I slepped on. . .

    I recently made and effort to try and get into some of the newer "rap" music that has been released. I found a few artist I can get into but for the most part it really just made me appreciate albums I took for granted, Like Lynch By Inch, EBK4, PCO, Triple Beam. I bought them BMR releases but...
  19. RickyVoorhees

    Locc 2 Da Braing Comp

    Can someone upload that Locc 2 Da Brain compilation someone made please?
  20. RickyVoorhees

    Polo Da Trigga Man

    Loved his shit on P-Folks shit and that Head Drama. Did he ever drop a solo?