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  1. Cynical Demon


    i like there new album cover ill post more later after i get off of work
  2. Cynical Demon


    there self-titled album is good... there new album is good too its better then subliminal verses (sp).. picked it up the day it came out....
  3. Cynical Demon

    So i bought the first slipknot CD !!

    i just got All Hope Is Gone slipknots new album and its way better then the last album....
  4. Cynical Demon

    Anyone Listen to Keane???

    yeah there pretty cool
  5. Cynical Demon

    I Just Got...

    I Just got SmackDown Vs Raw 2007... gunna go play it ill keep u guys posted on it!!
  6. Cynical Demon


    will it be compatabile with the 360?
  7. Cynical Demon

    Blitz:The League

    is this game worth getting?
  8. Cynical Demon


    i have an interview with ups on tuesday and i was wondering whats the process any one with info will help ty
  9. Cynical Demon

    Is There Something Wrong?

    man i cant sleep i can go atleast like 4 days without sleep and im not tired could there be sumthing wrong with me?i dont do any type of shit and im just awake..
  10. Cynical Demon

    @ No Love

    hey homie when r u gunna get more of that tito b i got the skrilla just need the cd lol
  11. Cynical Demon

    Where Can I get...........

    Where Can i Get That Tito B Pimpin Hustling Gangsta Mob Shit?
  12. Cynical Demon

    My boy just wrapped his 05 Vett....

    damn dude sorry to hear it wasnt u in the car cuz that would have been a hell of a check haha
  13. Cynical Demon

    Wherez The Homie LazyBoy408?

    anybody know if his times done in juvy? last time i heard from him was b4 his p.o came for him
  14. Cynical Demon

    Where Can I Find.......

    hey guys where can i find northside story i cant find it at any 1 got any suggestions my little nephew broke mine so yeah can anyone help me find it....
  15. Cynical Demon

    whats up

    hey whats up with speedy ive been trying to go in to it since yesterday and it says its unavaible? is it just me or is the server down?
  16. Cynical Demon

    where can i get...

    where can i get the Northern Ghetto Boyz Comp.
  17. Cynical Demon

    cali thuggin dvd

    hey does anyone know when the cali thuggin dvd is gunna drop? been waiting for a while.
  18. Cynical Demon

    lol rata getting beat down by a crack head

    lol i went to jack in a box to buy my nephew sumthin to eat and im at a red light and i see this crackhead beating on some skrap that thinks hes hard...lives around here....nothing but a weeny..well back to the story lol he was getting beat down by sum crackhead had his ass all over the street.i...
  19. Cynical Demon

    Yo Where can i get woodie life storiez

    hey wood where can i get Life Storierz Vol 1 i ordered it onlinw and there all out...