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    Some New Compton Music

    A couple homies slipped me a few tracks a couple weeks back. Been busy with life, finally had to sit down and digest them. IT Boy - Six Million 7okO1sYLgUg In the Streets - Flamin 2 cd yGSdR20SM1E Look At my life - Bandana WkhtdajWhl0 Still Flamin P2lG5NbWVLU Harsh Reality - Bandana ft OYG...
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    My Letter from Big June

    I censored most of it, but the parts that were for the fans, I'll post up. Support the homey. Free Big June
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    Laughin at god... Redrum 781, Menace and Bandana

    Real Deep track IMO. I dig all the verses. Regina Spektor's tracked flipped. G3cjMkxdUHo
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    Laughin at god... Redrum 781, Menace and Bandana

    This is the original version.. I dont know what version is on the album. Real Deep track if you ask me. official video coming soon xjvbnRLvtFo
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    NFES vol 1 - A Wax -free download

    hard mixtape!!!! Bandana, Baby Bandit, Sidewayz... clean sound and hard lyrics.
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    Airplanes Remix - flipped by redrum 781

    I posted this in the so cal forum. redrum is my big homey and he sends me alot of tracks for me to bump. This one was different. He flipped BoB's airplanes give a listen and some feedback too.
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    I'mma try and find that shit.. Pap puts out dope music IMO.
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    yeah. I chopped it up wid him and Manson earlier. I'mma try and get them to connect wid my homies.
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    The Menace - Menace II society mixtape

    I hear its out... but when I go to his page, I aint see no link... maybe its just me doing quick view. Dope features for sure - bandana, nipsey hussle, redrum, mitchy slick, young mav... There is one dope ass song on there. I heard the original with redrum, menace and bandana.. but dont know...
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    Something different - Airplanes remix - redrum781

    Well, ya all know redrum is my big homie and at times I keep telling him to put out some lyrical shit. He sends me some dope ass shit that isnt mixed or mastered and I cant explain how dope unless you all had the track to listen to (I dont leak tracks). He hit me up this afternoon with this...
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    I fuck with strippers

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    This is what it Sounds like - AZ ft Charlie Rock and Young Sau

    AZ track ft charlie rock and young sau!! 6ugvbjp0zsM
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    SD's Black Fam

    my boy Rey Ru put this video up and shows Black Fam as well as Full Clip Studios. gbIZIEgM4Zo
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    Attn: Cain and Quiccshot

    His computer crashed. resend ya beats to redrum 781. [email protected]
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    Big Paybacc interview - 40 glocc and lil wayne issue.

    Interview by Mr Riggla. shit is pretty revealing.. and I like how Big Paybacc actually flips the situation on 40 Glocc. "You want Slim and Baby to come out the car, but you didnt come out the car when Menace got at you"...
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    Redrum 781 tracks..

    Redrum gots about 15 projects.. As mentioned by Big Reese Loc, he had a group called Crooked I, he got the Kennel Gang, he got one called 489ers, his album payback/backpay... he also has alot of dated stuff from his Deathrow days. He's on some tracks for various people. Big June's "Piru'in"...
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    Big June, redrum 781, Bandana tha ragg, and Unda Dawg ru

    dope remix. Q7VUNqv7uus
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    I finally bought Red Rags & Blue Flags

    clean. I'mma have to pick it up.
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    Pride - bug style

    Found this hilarious. 8mePOheuiGE Lu8PeDUJmmA