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    A-Wax & King Iso - Written In Blood (Music Video)

    Why did they take it down? I saw he posted he had convo with Strange Music’s CEO so looks like they’re going to work this out...
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    What happen to husalah

    He was going to make a physical double album out of H as a deluxe edition like everyone does these days, that was back in late 2018 I think. Same year he put out the original album. And then nothing.
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    A-Wax - Tiger Woods

    I really thought this was produced by Southside from 808 mafia. It had that Rx Lord vibe to me.
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    A-Wax - Diamond Pendants & Charges Pending [Album Stream]

    @DUTCH-F.E you know if he’s planning on releasing hard copies for this by any chance?
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    BERNER Re-Evaluation Thread!

    I’ve been checking for his music a bit more since that album. He puts together great projects as far as the production, features and artwork concepts go. Not a fan of his lyrics or flows, but you can feel he’s a real music fan.
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    A-Wax - Diamond Pendants & Charges Pending [Album Stream]

    Between the music and the merch he’s been hard at work the whole of 2020. This album is good, better than Allegedly and I’d say is on par with Pullin More Stringz. Can’t wait for physical copies
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    A-Wax - Pullin’ More Stringz album stream

    Still waiting on hard copies...
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    A-Wax - Funerals & Court Dates

    I think they’re putting a compilation out to promote the Bay Area Flavors business
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    Celly Cel - Focused (Album Stream)

    Not bad. He managed to secure great features on this one.
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    A-Wax - Pullin’ More Stringz album stream

    Don’t have any download link but you can find the whole album uploaded to YouTube too... Waiting on hard copies of this and will pick it up with Allegedly and Demonz N My Bleep for sure
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    New 2 Bay Area Music

    I started listening to Bay rap late, but some albums I enjoyed San Quinn - Repossessions San Quinn - The Rock: Pressure Makes Diamonds San Quinn - From A Boy to A Man Mob Figaz - C-Bo’s Mob Figaz The Jacka - The Jack Artist AP.9 - Body Shotz Yukmouth - Thug Lord: The New Testament A-Wax - Thug...
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    Luniz? Numbskull?

    Actually just seeing this on Yukmouth’s Instagram... Weird that Numskull isn’t on the promo flyer for this show...
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    A-Wax - Pullin’ More Stringz album stream

    Don’t know if that’s because of the mastering or something but that song and a couple others have such poor sound quality.
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    No friends of mine

    I was going to post the same one above.
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    Luniz? Numbskull?

    Kuzzo Fly didn’t replace Numskull, he’s just a new member. I think he’s just doing shows with them though and hasn’t really been on an album as a Luniz member yet.
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    VladTV interviews E-40

    Dope interview I thought. He addresses the so-called beef with Mac Dre about 1hr into the interview. Cool for those who didn’t know the whole E-40 story.
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    Death Row chain on the only time I wear blood diamonds damn do they have a collab album coming on Mello Music Group?
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    A Wax-Envisioned

    Just watched it on YouTube and was coming to check if it had been posted on here already... Exactly what I was thinking as I was listening, he’s actually talking about real life situations.”DJ Vlad won’t interview me but reported my arrest”