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    In your opinion?????

    10-15 years ago? It seemed like the subject matter in songs and the persona's that artists were trying to push were more limited. Nowadays, you don't know what to expect from musicians. Well some of them you do. Rick Ross is going to be rapping about being Tony Montana always. But artists like...
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    Alleged Libyan rape victim

    Did anyone hear or read about this? Any thoughts?
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    Tales from the Darkside, Twilight Zone etc

    Anyone remember those old horror anthology shows on TV in the 80s? There was Freddy's Nightmares, Tales from the Darkside, The New Twilight Zone, Friday the 13th, and The Hitchiker. I would list Tales from the Crypt but everyone knows about that one. I think Darkside was the best. Good intro...
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    What are these Free Speech Zones?

    I thought that people could peacefully protest almost anywhere. I've seen footage of all the protests from the 60s and 70s and while I did see cops in full force at most of them, it looked like they were just there (to intimidate or keep the peace, I don't know). Now I read in another thread...
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    Thread about democracy/republic ???

    Wasn't there a thread here about how we have a republic and what Jefferson said about democracy. And wasn't there a thread about the constitution or was it the same one? Did it get deleted because I tried searching for it and couldn't find it.
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    Los Pistoleros B-N-B

    remember no. 14 on 18 Witta Bullet comp? Did that group come out with an all spanish cd cuz I thought I remember seeing one at sam goody back in the day.
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    Sleepy Santino-NORTE FOR LIFE

    Anyone know where I can buy this cd? Just got Northern Lifestlyle and want to hear that song "Flag On My Face."
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    FULL CLIP/ GANSTA REESE-Eastside Storiez

    Anyone know of any stores in the bay that got Full Clip-2nd Chamber or Gangsta Reese-Eastside Stories?
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    "24th Street is the CRAZIEST!"

    On Lil Wynos 1st album "Step Into My World" track number 9 is an N-Terlude with Mr. Kee talking and in the background theres a song playing and it says "24th Street is the craziest," then Mr. Kee raps "It's the Mission District bout to blow your block up..." Anybody know what song this is or...