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  1. HomoErectus

    Txx Will - Maximum Volume new album from Txx Will released on 3/15 features tracks from Tech N9ne, Big Scoob, Lejo. anyone get a chance to check this album out yet?
  2. HomoErectus

    create-a-Killer Sampler

    for the last week i probly gave out 50 of my own "killer" sampler cds wit artwork and album info. i know for a fact that this generated atleast 10 album sales... as these co-workers and friends tellin me that they scooped the album and now are definately feelin Tech more than lil waynes album...
  3. HomoErectus

    That Owl

    holy fuccin shit mayn, this track is nuttier than squirrel shit. i think this is the dopest track out of both cds. TECH N9NE!
  4. HomoErectus

    Strange Library Thoughts

    all i know is that 3 of the dopest Tech songs are on that bonus disc, Jesus Christ... Tech is a fucking machine. and that Kabosh song is hard as hell! Damn what a fukin release this is.... im coppin 6 of these albums on Tues. (im spottin 3 of my friends money, which i probly wont get back!!)...
  5. HomoErectus

    How did Strange do it?

    you know what im sayin? its 8 days away... im surprised this shit aint all over the net
  6. HomoErectus

    My wife.. my girl

    whats the lyrics to the hook? i only have the shitty live version