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  1. A1Yola06

    Self Tightld Hustlin N Hell Cassette new sealed

    Self Tightld Hustlin N Hell 1998 Cassette New Sealed Self Tightld Hustlin N Hell Nutt B Legit MOE B 1998 Seattle WA G Funk RAP | eBay
  2. A1Yola06

    Sikko slim

    SIKKO SLIM Music, Lyrics, Songs, and Videos PEEP MY SHIT.
  3. A1Yola06

    SELF TIGHTLD Hustlin in Hell NEW sealed cassette

    Self Tightld Hustlin N Hell Nutt B Legit Moe B 1998 Seattle WA G Funk Rap | eBay
  4. A1Yola06

    Sikko slim

    SIKKO SLIM Music, Lyrics, Songs, and Videos check me out!
  5. A1Yola06

    Krayzie Bone cooking bacon in Dubai

    Legends who are washed up because they got jacked...
  6. A1Yola06

    What If your daughter was born in the 90's??

    Would you kill her? Try to stuff her back in for a later date? sell to a brothel?
  7. A1Yola06

    Graveyard of Honor....BAM!
  8. A1Yola06

    Having the same dream over and over

    Something terrible is going to happen so I run in the house and try to load bullets into a clip and they won't fit no matter what. Either that or I will finally get it loaded and then the moment i try to put it in the clip is all of a sudden the wrong size. Last night it changed from black to...
  9. A1Yola06

    WTF the deal with C LIM?

    I missed wtf happened w/all this shit. I just heard this track with CLIM dissin lynch but this was after I heard C LIM dissin t nutty for dissin lynch. I know I'm hella late on this shit but i'm fuckin confused. I don't have my own computer its hard to keep track of this shit.
  10. A1Yola06

    Will you pass a pretrial drug test if you drank alcohol 60 hours ago?

    If you drank alcohol (6 beers or so) about 60 hours ago will you pass a pretrial services drug test? Sorry to post this here but "my friend" needs this answer fast and no one looks in the detox forum. I'm not sure what kind of drug test they use for pretrial services so I don't know how long...
  11. A1Yola06

    KaizerSosae (siccness poster) is a SNITCH

    My boy is gone for a year because of this dude. Don't even converse with this guy. Let it be known.
  12. A1Yola06


    Interview with Retired Airforce Major Donald Keyhoe 3/8/1958. If you found this interview interesting I suggest you pick up a book by Keyhoe.
  13. A1Yola06


    This kid knows everything about the solar system without ever being taught, he was born w/this knowledge. He claims to have lived a previous life on mars. I know very few of you will take the time to watch this, but if you do please voice your opinion.
  14. A1Yola06

    Wanda Sykes is not funny!!!!

    Your probably right, I guess I just never really paid attention to her. Not enough to dislike her or like her either way.
  15. A1Yola06

    Wanda Sykes is not funny!!!!

    She's funny sometimes, she's pretty good on that show with larry david. At least she's no Mencia.
  16. A1Yola06


    check me out all you sick fucks.... Honest feedback please
  17. A1Yola06


    Square ass queers, the gay kind. This is a fuckin casual forum and people are jumpin on each others grammer like they were workin on a fuckin college essay or some shit. SHUT THE FUCK UP. This is not the way to win an argument on the sicc.
  18. A1Yola06

    Carlos Mencia

    This homo was the biggest flash in the pan ever (grandpa slang). Got called out hard for biting, even Joe Rogan the host of NBC's fear factor made him look like a d-bag.
  19. A1Yola06

    Have you ever seen a UFO??

    Have you ever seen a UFO? EDIT: Fuck I was tryin to add a poll and I fucked up. Anyway, If so do you think it was aliens? Do you believe in aliens in general? I have been reading lots about this lately and the evidence seems pretty in favor of aliens being real. Check out "the disclosure...
  20. A1Yola06

    Change Hori Arcade Pro EX button layout?

    have noticed that the layout has been changed by Hori for this stick, when I bought mine, the layout looked like this.... Now a few months later, all the pictures I see have the layout looking like this...