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    follow me on twitter @MRDBAKER

    And lets stay connected.....
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    Tracks w hooks Avail

    I thought I'd Post this... We have some tracks avail w hooks I posted on my myspace.... serious replies only.
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    NEW-MON E.G. FT FREEWAY - Death To My Opponent

    Its indie still....cats in the rap circle seem to gravitate towards that shit... I remember a couple yrs back when the talk was go indie... but now rappers cant sell 100,000 like they use to indie.. I think Twista did 100k, Raekwon did 100K but other than that? Gucci is on Atlantic and closing...
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    NEW-MON E.G. FT FREEWAY - Death To My Opponent

    To be honest I told Mone the shits cool man.. But Ive had DJs say they dont think his movement is anywere near ready to drop....So he knows he has a way to go still.. and hes been putting in work ..Hell it would be nice if KC was like ATL I wouldnt have to shoot down there so damn much to get...
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    NEW-MON E.G. FT FREEWAY - Death To My Opponent

    @ Sawyer were cool man but seriously.... Who else then making moves jus sayin...Hell I posted on Facebook Im at Capitol Records and every lable under the EMI umbrella as well as a rep at Sony all said the majors ARE NOT signing rappers now days man.. There only doing single deals thats all...
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    NEW-MON E.G. FT FREEWAY - Death To My Opponent

    Yeah we talked about it when he told me he was flyin to philly to shoot the video... Wander why KC hasnt gotten behind him? You see the moves he's making so whats the deal KC DJs? Tell me who else from KC is on worldstarhip and BETs The Deal like my dude? I want honest feedback
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    Question for midwest cats regarding MIMS

    Appreciate all the feedback... Were trying to take him in a new direction...
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    Question for midwest cats regarding MIMS

    And Sawyer YES ur right RockNRollin was a WAYY better record.. Problem is Capitol are dicks when it comes to marketing urban acts period.
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    Question for midwest cats regarding MIMS

    Thanks for the feedback.. I will show him these post while we are working.... I truly believe a lotta cats have written him off as a ringtone rapper he made hella cash off the ringtones money and is still able to tour internationally and do shows around the US and Canada so with that We gotta...
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    Question for midwest cats regarding MIMS

    Im not sure who all is a fan of MIMS or who even brought the M.I.M.S album(445,000 Sold) or last yrs GUILT album (only sold 35,000 but the single "MOVE" went GOLD). Anyways I was n NY and the Capitol A&R said RockNRollin track with Tech should have been dropped as a single, they feel that...
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    Letting go of some older tracks..

    I have some tracks my team is getting rid of ...check out the soundclick link and holla back if you hear something you wanna rock with...
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    Its 2009, what is the "KC" sound...

    I hear a lotta cats speaking on this Ron Ron dude Ive never heard of him ..can anyone link me were I can check him out. Thanks...
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    Its 2009, what is the "KC" sound...

    always the same names thrown around...intresting....
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    who gonna shine in the midwest this summer ?

    Rob I dont know who you are, But I have to agree...The game is on life support around these ways...Im kool with both Tech & Krizz....but I believe they have reached as far as there gonna go. Last time me and Krizz talked I told him he should consider coming out to LA and get more into...
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    4TH Of July Free Concert - Pittsburgh Philthy, Sliccs GotCha, Rich The Factor, RonRon

    I will be back n town by then , I might have to slide through...MAX Groove...Cant go wrong with that...hopefully KCPD will be on there job...
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    whats the kc sound ?

    U Think?
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    Rappers Need Beats???

    Good shit Brandon...keep grinding.
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    New Music Posted On Myspace

    Appreciate it ...See you all at the Music Conference
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    New Music Posted On Myspace

    I look forward to all the artist and upcoming producers & writers coming out to the KC Music Conference. I posted all new tracks up for your enjoyment...Stop through and check them out.