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    TREAL T.V. 3

    I know A-1 Sway has been working on this with Diggs, but my question is does anyone have any idea when it's droppin? I tryed Google but came up with nada as far as Release date or even an estimate/guess drop date? Anyone with info. please let a playa no. One Love, -Mikeavelli
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    Johnny Cash ??

    How did the player die?
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    Artist Question??

    What ever happend to II Sicc, have they dropped anything latley. I remember Talez from the Sicc and that album was a knocker, wuz up???
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    Spice 1 ??? Old School

    I remember this song from bak in da day but dont know the name, i think itz Spice 1, these lyrics can be a little off so work wit me, it went: I wake up in the morning with the hustlin game stick a needle in my vein to inject in da game, tat it up thugged out. I forget the rest but any help...
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    Did Nickatina diss Messy years ago???????

    On the album Cocaine Raps vol.1 , i think the songs called Sly Stone. Dre says "instead of MC clean youz a MC mess wash up" -Dre Dog. Iz just wondering if he was refering to mess or if they used to have beef?
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    mac 10

    the dude that raps with dre dog on new jim jones and hate you with a passion is that mac 10 ice cubes homie from down south or is he another mac 10 from da bay ?
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    Smoov muthafukin E

    whatever happend to this fool is he still doin his thing or did he fall off
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    II SICC?

    what ever happend to these guys they are hella tight but havnt heard from them in a while anyone know?
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    II SICC?

    whatever happend to these guys havnt heard anything from them latley, i think they are the tightest out of the 916 anyone know what happend
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    waz wondering?

    I waz wondering what some rappers mean when they claim NSD, what is NSD?
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    I waz wondering if someone could post that sac kingz song for me please, the nor-ridaz version is only 50 seconds long and i want to peep the whole song, so please could someone post that song?