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  1. KillaClown

    It's been a minute, but I've got a few things to cover...

    1) First and foremost, I gotta take an L on the D.Rose/Stuckey thread from a couple years back. Derrick Rose is a damn beast. He put in hard work this offseason to develop himself into an elite talent, and what I feel will ultimately be the 2nd best player in Bulls history behind the man who...
  2. KillaClown

    Jailbroke PS3?

    Is it possible to sign into the playstion network with a jailbroke PS3? At all? I tried the search option but the only threads I came up with was about jailbreaking it period.
  3. KillaClown

    Mike Ilitch to buy the Detroit Pistons?

    Tigers, Red Wings owner Mike Ilitch wants to own Pistons, move team to Detroit Sports and pizza boss Michael Ilitch said today that he and his wife, Marian, are making a formal bid...
  4. KillaClown

    Eminem Jay-Z tickets on sale June 25th

    One show at Comerica Park. One show at Yankee Stadium. anybody plan on attending either of these? Tickets are going to sell out realllllllllllll quick.
  5. KillaClown


    I don't know much about video editing programs and all that stuff, but I had a request. In this video from 1:42-1:44 there's the lawyer dancing with the Grey Goose bottle in his hand. Isolated, this shit is very funny to me. I figured it would make a cool GIF. maybe I'm too blazed, I don't...
  6. KillaClown

    Heading down to Georgia...

    I'll be in the Valdosta area near the Moody AFB for about two weeks visiting family. Also be spending some time in Panama City Beach. What's there to do down there? Particularly the southern GA area. I was just wondering if y'all knew of anywhere interesting to visit, like some historic...
  7. KillaClown

    Miss USA 2010 Arab Americans across metro Detroit cheered as Rima Fakih of Dearborn was crowned Miss USA tonight in Las Vegas. “This is unbelievable,” said Rami Haddad, 26 of Livonia, one...
  8. KillaClown

    Deftones Diamond Eyes

    Sextape is one of my favorite tracks on this album. I listened to it probably a dozen times before I downloaded. I used to listen to Adrenaline A LOT, never gave their other albums much of a chance. After grooving with Diamond Eyes for the past week though I think I'll check out their other...
  9. KillaClown

    An interesting Kobe V. LeBron James article.

    This is something I found on bleacher report. Bit of a long read, but any real basketball fan will get some interesting points to consider. While I agree with some and disagree with some, I'm still in favor of LeBron > Kobe...
  10. KillaClown


    I second that had a baby a while ago.
  11. KillaClown

    Texas school gets $60 Million dollar stadium\ A girl I used to work with graduated from this high school. I saw the link on her facebook, figured I'd share it with you guys. Sorry for the long read... but here it is. Just in case you forgot how important high school football is in...
  12. KillaClown

    80's Mixtape [sorry 90's babies not for you]

  13. KillaClown

    80's Mixtape [sorry 90's babies not for you]

  14. KillaClown

    80's Mixtape [sorry 90's babies not for you]

  15. KillaClown

    Who's The Worst?

    Siccness has some widely hated characters on here. I figured its time to figure out who's the most hated. Who's the worst? Which one gets on your nerves most? If you could slowly cut somebody's head off with a soldering iron, who would it be? Which one of these people would the world be best...
  16. KillaClown

    im going to see serj tankian perform live with a orchestra..gyea

    Serj has done the only acceptable cover of a Dead Kennedy's song I ever heard. Along with the Foo Fighters. Z9BbWbwnCfQ
  17. KillaClown

    49ers trade Shaun Hill The Detroit Lions have acquired quarterback Shaun Hill from the San Francisco 49ers for a seventh-round draft pick in 2011, according to a report in the Sacramento Bee. Lions offensive coordinator Scott Linehan coached Hill, 30, for three...
  18. KillaClown

    Aisha Tyler Appreciation Thread

    I been watching Archer on FX... and remembered how fine I consider Aisha Tyler to be. She got that natural beauty. First time I seen her she was doing that Talk Soup show before it turned into what it is now. She seems to be a pretty funny girl, and her character on Archer is a vital part of the...
  19. KillaClown

    The Man, always tryna hold a brother down...

    Two stories I've read today in the Detroit Free Press. I figure it would make for a good topic of discussion, considering the crimes committed, the verdicts handed out and the two kids involved. 1) Warren teen gets prison in fatal beating over marijuana...
  20. KillaClown


    shufM2qOwZ4 I listen to this song a whole lot when I'm blazed.