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  1. AC Transit

    Whatever Happened to N.W.A's Posse? Good article - hope this isn't a repost
  2. AC Transit

    JR Rider's Yahoo Sports Article The old NBA player walked into the high school gymnasium for his first day of work Monday night wearing a Cleveland Cavaliers’ long-sleeved T-shirt and practice shorts. The gym at Trimble Tech High in Fort Worth, Texas...
  3. AC Transit

    Wanna fly with dank? Go from Oakland Airport Oakland International Airport may be the nation's only airport with a specific policy letting users of medical marijuana travel with the drug. The policy is spelled out in a three-page document quietly enacted last year by the...
  4. AC Transit

    Roman Polanksi arrested in Swizterland - faces extradition Director Roman Polanski is in Swiss custody awaiting extradition to Los Angeles after being arrested in Zurich in connection with his 1977 Los Angeles rape case...
  5. AC Transit

    Anyone ever been court evicted?

    Bout to go to court with my landlord, wondering what kind of arguments they might come with.
  6. AC Transit

    Whoops - Former SF/Louisville player busted with dank Former University of Louisville basketball player Luke Whitehead was released from Metro Corrections on a $10,000 bond and will be arraigned on felony drug-trafficking charges on Tuesday in...
  7. AC Transit

    Leon Powe to the cavs

    sucks that he got hurt and had to take the league minimum. Oh well, at least he's on a good team and reunited with Lebron (both played on the oakland soldiers aau team). Leon Powe will sign a two-year contract for...
  8. AC Transit

    Josh Hamilton fell off the wagon

    At least he did it in style Josh Hamilton claims he's been sober since October 2005. Since then he's rejuvenated his career, saved his marriage, devoted himself to Jesus, and become America's flawed, homer-derby...
  9. AC Transit

    Pre-season USA Today/Coaches poll

    1. Florida (53) 0-0 1,466 2. Texas (4) 0-0 1,386 3. Oklahoma (1) 0-0 1,358 4. USC (1) 0-0 1,321 5. Alabama 0-0 1,134 6. Ohio State 0-0 1,126 7. Virginia Tech 0-0 1,020 8. Penn State 0-0 988 9. LSU 0-0 917 10. Mississippi 0-0 889 11. Oklahoma State 0-0 861 12. California 0-0...
  10. AC Transit

    Nike Basketball Rap Commercial

    KhXZAF8l6rs Good timing by Rashard Lewis to get busted for roids. IMO,Shit is kinda weak.
  11. AC Transit

    I saw this hat and wondered who on the siccness has it

    triple gold dayton hat
  12. AC Transit

    This guy had the right idea....

    CONCORD — Police arrested a 38-year-old man Friday after his 21-year-old female roommate found recording devices in her bedroom and bathroom. After the victim found several recording devices, she called police and officers traced the source of the devices to another bedroom, Concord police Lt...
  13. AC Transit


    haha damn that is the real cover. Just saw it on the city hall website.
  14. AC Transit

    Worst security guard in the world
  15. AC Transit

    Wit and wisdom of Rickey Henderson (07-23) 20:12 PDT -- Rickey Henderson's place in baseball's "Bartlett's" is nearly as unassailable as his spot in its record books. Here's a sampling of Rickey being Rickey: -- "I think when the other team sees Rickey...
  16. AC Transit

    TMZ has the Lebron dunk and will show it today You know what we're talking about -- the legendary moment where some virtually unknown college kid blasted a two-handed dunk right in King James' FACE -- at his very own LeBron James Summer basketball camp!! LeBron's...
  17. AC Transit

    Incentives in Adonal Foyle's contract haha might as well make him king of the world if that ever happened. I see he's also playing at the pro-am at kezar. I don't think he could even get the MVP of that league.
  18. AC Transit

    Steve McNair dead murder sucide NASHVILLE, Tenn. - Former Titans quarterback Steve McNair has been killed. Police said McNair suffered a fatal gunshot wound to the head in downtown Nashville. The incident happened near 2nd South & Lea Ave. Police said it looked like a...
  19. AC Transit

    Zach Randolph for Quentin Richardson

    Clips made room for Griffin. Randolph is talented but he's a horrible team player. He'll get his numbers but definitely doesn't make players around him better. The Los Angeles Clippers opened a starting position for No. 1 pick Blake Griffin...
  20. AC Transit

    Policia breaking off ho's in tijuana Two hundred and fifty heavily armed and armored police from three branches of Mexican law enforcement raided several nightclubs, hotels, and pleasure emporiums in Tijuana's Zona Norte nightclub district on Friday...