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  1. TaxMan

    Some fucking people...

    ...So I just call up my weed man, and he tells me he is done for the summer.... .WTF?! I didn't know selling drugs was more of a winter job.
  2. TaxMan

    The Siccness strikes again...

    So I'm sitting in my class room cruising the Siccness while my students were taking an exam this morning. This girl comes up to ask me a question and leans across my desk accidentally pushing the projector button. This starts projecting the Siccness thread I was looking at onto the projector at...
  3. TaxMan

    Where do Juggalos like to buy shit via the net?

    I have a bit of old ICP and twiztid shit packed up and want to sell it. Well... Where is my best bet to reach the juggalo crowd? E bay?
  4. TaxMan

    This forum....

    Has become pretty gay the past couple of months...
  5. TaxMan

    what was this music video?

    What was the music video where Dr Dre was dressed up like a witch doctor? I know you can help me out SMCrazy. Gimme a link if you'd be so kind
  6. TaxMan

    LoKey= Done

    Lo Key has quit music.. lol.. I kinda seen this coming with his lack of new stuff here recently. Whats up guys. I posted yesterday that I was stepping away from music. After an overwhelming response I feel obligated to give you an explanation as to what the fuck is going on with me and what...
  7. TaxMan


    lmfaooooooo /dead :siccness: :siccness: :siccness: :siccness: :siccness: :siccness:
  8. TaxMan

    Vote on your favorite movies of all time

    Go here: and list your top three favorite movies of all time. Don't post the shit in this thread.
  9. TaxMan

    Mission Infect

    Does anyone still keep up with these assholes? I haven't heard shit about them in over a year. I always liked Lo Key (although he was usually the only one out of the group I did) Did they all die? Whats up with them?
  10. TaxMan

    The Pacific

    Dunno if this is a repost or not. HBO released the trailer to Tom Hank's new mini series "The Pacific". This movie should be awesome as fuck. Band of Brothers was a great show.
  11. TaxMan

    God dammit.. Alien remake... This shit better not happen. Its getting ridiculous with the remakes.. Fuck the movie industry. If this happens--I'm boycotting this horseshit.
  12. TaxMan

    Jesus Christ on a crutch!

    On my way home tonight, I randomly decided to stop and buy a pack of smokes for the road from the store (I'm no longer a regular cigarette smoker) and the shit was fucking $5.. I should have told the bitch to keep em.. That shit is ridiculous.
  13. TaxMan

    Halloween 2 trailer. Looks pretty dope in my opinion. I love Zombie's films. I'm sure the haters will start coming out now talking shit about how much his Halloween sucked. This movie will own. The pics of Micheal without the mask are creepy as fuck.
  14. TaxMan

    Hating at it's finest Don't know if this is a re-post or not, but its hilarious.
  15. TaxMan

    The Official Mad Insane Wrestling thread

    Since the topic has been raping the other threads, and frankly been the better posts- It deserves its own thread. Post sweet videos/discussion. fQRD-KxpY_E LOL, all I could think about during this video was a sound clip from a Hulk Hogan dvd where he was talking about Orndorff hurting him for...
  16. TaxMan

    Those of you that have myspace

    I have a few new paintings up, if any of you scum bags are friends with me on Myspace, check them out and comment! (in pictures folder "paintings 2009")
  17. TaxMan

    Never help an old woman cross a street...

    DENVER – A good Samaritan who helped push three people out of the path of a pickup truck before being struck and injured has gotten a strange reward for his good deed: A jaywalking ticket. Family members said 58-year-old bus driver Jim Moffett and another man were helping two elderly women...
  18. TaxMan

    Observe and Report

    This movie looks like it will be pretty funny. Seth Rogen always makes a good comedy. o8PGXQY-YJA
  19. TaxMan

    I think its about time...

    For a random appearance by Homeless J. Its been a while since he dropped some knowledge. He'll probably post some random fact filled thread schoolin us on donkey shows or AIDS in the next few days...
  20. TaxMan

    Nice! New Manson album.

    ROLLING STONE "My new record is done, man," he tells the S.S. "It's called The High End of Low - it's a self-described state of being that I'm in. You're going to be fucking freaked. It's the shit." Manson is currently in the mixing process - no word yet on a release date - and this month...