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  1. VinnieBarbarino

    Been years...

    Haven’t been on the site in 8 years. Still have a stack of unopened cds woodie sent me back in the day to make ring tones for east co co. Wish I could’ve held on to the voicemail he left back then. Rip Woodie
  2. VinnieBarbarino

    Rip Brotha Lynch

    heard he passed.. RIP
  3. VinnieBarbarino

    Damn You Visa.. I Just Wanted Some New Music

    so I tried ordering some shit off rapbay today but it wouldnt let me... why because my billing address is in the US and my shipping address where i work at is in Canada.. everywhere I go it says billing and shipping address must be in the same country.. fuck that why does that matter the card...
  4. VinnieBarbarino


    do you have any copies of the vinyl you pressed?
  5. VinnieBarbarino


    Yo Wood, Was wondering if you needed any album covers done.. Ny boy i SF goes to school for that shit and is a big fan of yours. He would love to do that shit for you and at no charge. Hes doing Honest Bobs new cover as well I believe. Let me know and ill put you in contact with him. Vinnie.
  6. VinnieBarbarino

    Yo Woodie

    haha why did i find a video online of you shootin pool in a garage..
  7. VinnieBarbarino

    My Block My Bay

    for those of you who missed it on mtv here it is...
  8. VinnieBarbarino


    any yall fuck with ebay... im addicted to that shit. just picked up the darkroom movies on there
  9. VinnieBarbarino

    New Woodie thread

    all your questions you have can go in a vital thread i made. I also added all the other threads for him to this one. this way it will be easier for him to find them when he comes on.
  10. VinnieBarbarino


    whats good? I'm bored and need some shit to watch.
  11. VinnieBarbarino

    Hats For Sale

    I got a grip of hats for sale in 7 1/8 and 7 1/4 sizes.. various teams.. hats are all new. if anyone interested let me know and ill put up pics.
  12. VinnieBarbarino


    did you get my package yet? if not ill resend another when i get back home.
  13. VinnieBarbarino

    Happy Holidayz Everyone

    I'm taking off to the east coast for 10 days to be with my girl and kid. Just wanted to wish yall a happy and safe xmas. take care and be safe. Vinnie. <------- no thats not my real name.
  14. VinnieBarbarino

    Miss Olmos

    why bother posting in east coco.. I will delete your lame post right away... isnt there anything better for you to do in Modesto.. If you need friends to hang with I can post your address on here and some of the homies off the forum can come pay you a visit. and yes I do know where you live.
  15. VinnieBarbarino

    Video On Gangs In Modesto

    some of you may have seen this...
  16. VinnieBarbarino

    Some Funny Shit

    from the new orleans looting.... real picture..... then......
  17. VinnieBarbarino

    Halloween Plans

    what are yall up to this weekend for halloween? My girl flys in from Maryland tomorrow then we gonna go hit this club and then on monday night we gonna go see Devin The Dude. Not sure what night i will dress up for.
  18. VinnieBarbarino

    I Wanna See YOU! (picture thread)

    The Picture Thread So lets see them.. Pictures of whatever you like
  19. VinnieBarbarino

    LiL LOS

    whens he gonna drop an album already? Woodie you need to get on that shit!
  20. VinnieBarbarino

    Thats How I'm Livin' ( whats your job)

    I'm bored at work. so what does everyone do for a living or to make money. As for me I am a sales rep for one of Fortune Magazines top 100 most profitable companies. So I sit at a desk all day.