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    What's up with Gato?

    How come nobody talks about what's going down with him? Is he still in fire camp? I thought he was only going to do like 2 years. How long has it been?
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    I got a deal for those who can convert vinyl to cd-r

    Check this out, I got Clifford Coulter - East Side San Jose LP & I'll hook you up for a deal. I've seen it go on ebay for over $80 ( ) &...
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    OG Shark Tank (Gato Mas Loco, C-Locs, etc.), Peeps & more on ebay:
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    More Jap bootlegs?

    Now I don't think my E-40 is a Jap bootleg, cuzz I got it here in the states. The thing is tho, it seems like there's a lot more floating around now & people don't seem as quick to buy them. How could I tell if 1 was a bootleg? I also got that movie & maybe it's a foreign 1, cuzz it has Chinese...
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    Ebay took down my emb collection listing, so check it out:

    Well I put them on ebay & the listing got took down the same day. Here's what I put: This auction is for a collection of 22 cans. All of them have been banned from many places, because the FDA said that energy malt beverages are harmful. I have 13 full cans & 9 top opened cans. A few have a few...
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    Messy Marv - Death On A Bitch on ebay:
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    Let's talk about the current prop's.. Prop 16 - I say vote no, cuzz it looks like PG&E is just trying to create a way for them to get more money. Prop 17 - Basically the same as 16, but it's a insurance company trying to get more money. Prop 13 - I'm thinking yes, cuzz it seems that it'll...
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    How many of you go to the siccness classifieds?

    I wanted to make a pole, cuzz I'm curious to see. I mean it seems like some of you come looking here for sometihng, when the classifieds is the best forum for that most the time.
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    CD, DVD, game 0.99 cent auctions.. Mac Mall, rock, ETC.. (ebay) Might put up the MAXIM collection & other stuff in the next few days, so be on the look out.
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    Anyone got any rare BONE ENTERPRISE tracks? Like is there any songs on their single/s that wasn't on the album?
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    Flashback.. Young Life -

    Street Life Im9fk9Z8JDA I heard some of this was shot around my way, but I can't recognize any of it. Looks like some of it was shot in EPA, where Young Life is supposed to be from originally. You got some EPA kats in there like I think it was Ad Kapone from Totally Insane I saw up in there.
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    Tear Drop

    Check out this song: ylihLsVZVHI Doesn't it sound like DRE-D bit it? I think it's a pretty smooth track all the way from '93. Here's the tape cover: Why does it say Death Threat on it? Is that another 1 of his names, or was that another title for it?
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    Does that Project Born single have anything that's not on the born dead cd?
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    Any investors in here?

    Check out some of my new listings: Got some of my typical & not so typical listings on there. A few are ending real soon!
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    Messy Marv - Turf Politics

    What's it worth? I got it used in mint condition....
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    The Music Zone in Marina?

    Was thinking about going to Marina for the weekend & maybe checking out a music shop. Anybody been to the Music Zone? Is it a good store? Do they buy/sell used music?
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    What siccness member is this?
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    Northern auctions.... DJ MT, Big Mister, etc. & more....
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    L.O.L.... I didn't know bootlegs go for so much!
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    Rare cd's/dvd's, DRF, BMR, MD, NIP, MASTER P, Sick Wid' It, etc....

    DVD's: BLOOD & TEARS ~ starring Sir Dyno, Angel Aviles (Mi Vida Loca) [sold] Black Market Films presents GREEDY - A West Coast Crime Story CD's: Mac Dre - Mac Dre's The Name (SOLD) BIG MISTER "THE HOG" - Hog Credentials Ganksta NIP - Psychic Thoughts DJ MT - 1 Bullet 4 U (sealed) SICK...