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  1. Leviathan_925

    Free Instrumental Album "Just A Sample", Refreshing Productions

    Download My Free Instrumental Album "Just A Sample", Just A Few Beats I Made To Get My Name Out There, I Mainly Use Samples In My Songs. It Is Hosted By Mistah Blinks And He Will Also Be Doing A Full Album With Me Soon. Download Here: Thank You...
  2. Leviathan_925

    EVO Championship Series (Video Game Fighting Tournament)

    EVO Has Started Today, Featuring Super Street Fighter 4, Marvel vs Capcom 2, Tatsunoku vs Capcom, Melty Blood, Tekken 6, and Street Fighter 2 HD Remix, and The First Publicy Playable Build Of Marvel vs Capcom 3. It Is Being Live Streamed On G4TV via Stickam. EVO 2010 SCHEDULE FRIDAY, JULY 9TH...
  3. Leviathan_925

    Free Download! Song Produced By Me (Vinny). Rapped By Mistah Blinks.

    Wat Up Folks, Been On Here For A While And Ive Been Workin On Music A Little Bit And This Is One Of My First Songs I Did Sampling, And It Came Out Good, The Lyrics Are Rapped By Mistah Blinks (, He's A Friend Of Mine We Both Went To School And We Both Tryna...
  4. Leviathan_925

    Refreshing Productions [Graphic Design & Music Production]

    We Are New, From The East Bay Area, Concord To Be Exact. I Do Some Producing And My Patna Does The Graphic Design. My Friend Mistah Blinks Did A Song With A Track I Produced I Focus More On Sampling, So I Do Remakes Of Some Old Funk Songs and Stuff Like That. Visit Us On...
  5. Leviathan_925

    **Official** Marvel vs Capcom 3 thread

    At a recent press event, Capcom finally announced Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds, the fifth game in the Marvel vs. Capcom series that places characters from Capcom's games against superheroes and supervillains from Marvel Entertainment. For 10 years, fans have waited for a sequel to...
  6. Leviathan_925

    Mobb Music On Xbox Live

    Today Xbox 360 Was Updated With The New Feature Called Last.FM Its Free To Gold Members and I Checked It Out Cuz My Bro Said They Had Old School Shit So I Put It To The Test, I Typed In "The Delinquents" under Artist Search and It Made A Playlist of "C.I.N., Young D Boyz, Deco-D, 51.50 Chilee...
  7. Leviathan_925

    What Happened To Gangsta Profile?

    Im From California and My Uncle Showed Me A Bunch Of Texas Gangsta Rap and He Showed Me Gangsta Profile and They Had Some Of The Hardest Shit I Ever Heard. The Only Album I Could Find Was "Fire Redrum" I Wanna Know If They Released Any Other Underground Shit, Cuz The CD Was Tight And Had...
  8. Leviathan_925

    Need good Portraits Of Old School Bay Rappers

    I Got An Airbrush Artist That Owes Me Some Work So Ima Get A Big Portrait Done and i want Old School Bay Rappers Like: Cougnut 11/5 Cold World Hustlers Dre Dog Spice 1 U.D.I RBL Posse San Quinn Rappin 4 Tay Cellski Seagram Too Short so if yall can help me out and post up some good portraits of...
  9. Leviathan_925

    Cold World Iceland CD Sold On Ebay for Like $600...

    From What I Remember Awhile Back On Ebay I Seen A Cold World Hustlers Iceland CD Sold for somethin like $600. Had A Different Cover and They Said It Was The First Pressings, I Remember E-Sic Talkin Bout Early Releases In The Apt.3 Magazine, i got a picture of it ill post up the two covers One...
  10. Leviathan_925

    Apt.3/DNA Ent Presents Mobb Legacy DVD: My Review

    Got This DVD Today Fast Shipping This DVD is Everything I Expected From APT.3 Nothing But Quality Footage. Very Good Footage Of Cougnut, Was Good To Watch Cougar Rebel Rock The Crowds. Other Live Concert Footage Was Great, Seen 11/5, Cold World Hustlers, UDI, Plus More. Good Interviews With...
  11. Leviathan_925

    My Apt.3/DNA Ent Is The Shit Thread

    Shouts To Gabe, ADR, and the Late Cougnut! APT.3 The Only Folks Fuckin With Real Gangsta Music And Not On That Hyphy Shit, Fuck Hyphy, MOBSHIT! Rest In Peace Cougnut, Mr.Cee, Hitman, Seagram,& Lil Duce Will Definitely Be Adding To The Collection With Known Associates 3 and the DVD come out...
  12. Leviathan_925

    Kicker L7's?

    Anybody Know where to get some Kicker L7's For Cheap Prefer 15's around the Bay Area Lemme Know -Thanks Homiez
  13. Leviathan_925

    Need Help With The Name Of A Song

    aight i recorded this song off a tape my pops gave me and i never got to find out who the rapper is or wat the tracks called, he forgot the name i know yall some mob homies so help me out here (Gabe you can close this thread if u want, once i get the track name) heres the recording dudes from...
  14. Leviathan_925

    Dark Side Comps/Sleep Tight Records/Tough Street Prod.??

    What Ever Happened To Them? They Was Puttin Out Some Bad Ass Compilations Here The Covers I Got All 3 of Their Albums and Want To Know If They Put Out Any Shit After The Dark Side Family Album or If Lil Dank has some Underground Releases....would Like To Know Help Me Out Here If Ya Can Much Love
  15. Leviathan_925

    Any Of These Tapes Valueble?

    Any Of These Tapes Valueble Or Worth Alot? Only Downside none are factory sealed but mostly in new condition and neva been played Heres The List: Master P - Ghetto D Master P - Ice Cream Man Section 8 Mob - Controlled Dangerous Substance XV - Doomsday Productions Silent Cries From The Ghetto...
  16. Leviathan_925

    Any Of U Homies Tell Me Tha Name Of This Track??

    Recorded It Off and old tape my popz gave me aint no love song off tape.mp3 - 5.37MB can ya please tell me the artist and track name takes about 12 seconds for the song to start
  17. Leviathan_925

    Will ADR ever do a song wit Ganxta N-I-P or Esham?

    Will ADR ever do a song wit Ganxta N-I-P or Esham? cuz NIP is crazy as fuck in his older songs and esham is hella sick and his cd's are sick a track wit ADR will make a sick ass track will that ever happen in tha future?
  18. Leviathan_925

    Lil Swoop...Who Did Tracks wit Cellski and other frisco niggaz

    is he still alive rappin? or wat? he got flowz on that stressed out track off Mr. Predicter and the song crime pays off the darkside family album
  19. Leviathan_925

    Sleepy Santino

    wats good wit sleepy santino? he got any new shit comin out? i got that northern lifestyle and i liked that whole album