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  1. jaydub816

    Instant Fuse Blowing

    For some reason my amp is blowing every fuse i put in the fuse holder by the batter, it just started doing this and im stumped, the ground is good along with everything else.. anything im missing or what...
  2. jaydub816


    i think you should do it ^^
  3. jaydub816


    Cutting straight to the point.. should i get one, i know my amp has one.. but will it make my system any louder?? or should i just buy a new amp...
  4. jaydub816

    Happy 24th Birthday Young Kev!!!!

    beat me to it Ben.. happy birthday bro from your big homie jaydub
  5. jaydub816

    Coming soon...

    can't wait homie
  6. jaydub816

    New track from C-Mob album "Hard Times & Hard Liquor"...

    shits dope homie lovin it
  7. jaydub816


    yo tell kev jaydub said wat up
  8. jaydub816

    Skatterman & Snug Brim - This Is Kansas City Vol. 1

    just go donate plasma.. free cd = donating plasma.. simple
  9. jaydub816

    SG the surgeon general

    came back online just in time i guess, what up to my doodz matt, jl, loon and SG...oh yeah shane cant forget you lil buddy...shit sounds good S..
  10. jaydub816

    yo does Young Rich got a new one out?

    more than likely cuz it was scratched....
  11. jaydub816

    Grewsum Hats, 3rd Degree Posters, and RINGTONES....

    Tight Shit...Except..I got The Bird In My Bottle Ringtone....and its hella quiet....But It Works
  12. jaydub816

    Young Kev official website

    good shit glad he finally got a site
  13. jaydub816

    Young Kev will release new album

    good lookin out homie..kev's always put it down on the mic....since i knew him way back when he was 16.....imma send you a pm mocheez
  14. jaydub816

    New 3rd Degree Pics...

    thats one ugly dude.....dope pics though
  15. jaydub816

    Where in the midwest can u find a

    champs is where its a normal XL Tall Tee.....yep...they like 4 for 20 maybe not pink...but hit champs up..
  16. jaydub816

    Fat Tone

    this is a pointelss thread....
  17. jaydub816

    New KC Artist.... PEEP

    i quote you on diggin it rellesh..good lookin out
  18. jaydub816

    My take on the 3rd Degree Album

    i agree with him completely solid ass album....
  19. jaydub816


    dope shit good lookin out SG