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  1. ConstantElevation

    The official 2021 check in thread

  2. ConstantElevation

    Forgot my Siccness password 10 years ago. Tonight I ate mushrooms and finally remembered it.

    I don't know why I remembered the siccness today too. Whatever happened to lee zilla and geezus
  3. ConstantElevation

    Open registration @

    Private torrent tracker check it out, they're open today and offer freeleech of the entire site until July is over.
  4. ConstantElevation

    Moller Skycar
  5. ConstantElevation


  6. ConstantElevation

    Awareness Test

  7. ConstantElevation

    The Silent Game

  8. ConstantElevation

    African shaman performing levitation

  9. ConstantElevation

    World's Smallest bodybuilder
  10. ConstantElevation


    For those of you using Windows, do the following: 1.) Open an empty notepad file 2.) Type "Bush hid the facts" (without the quotes) 3.) Save it as whatever you want. 4.) Close it, and re-open it. Noticed the weird bug? No one can explain! Try this and see what happens. Bush is hiding the facts! lol
  11. ConstantElevation

    WTF are these guys doing?

  12. ConstantElevation


    Wii Fail WrrvkPo7TZ4 Courage Fail q4KiRV2qrZk Car in park Fail C6BidDtffG8 Reporter Fail erK6bKxpP1k Y'all should make a Siccness Fail video with Satingun as the prime example.
  13. ConstantElevation


  14. ConstantElevation

    Which one? Edit: all right, take a look at all of em. But say one from Asia and Oceania
  15. ConstantElevation

    Can you do the "Whoop Rico"

  16. ConstantElevation

    Parents/Future Parents

    If you walked in on your kids smoking weed, what would y'all do? Be a responsible parent and take that shit away from him? or Go the "You and me are gonna smoke together, don't tell mommy/daddy?" route. Maybe a really dumb question, but I'm bored off my ass....
  17. ConstantElevation

    Defend your Castle on Wiiware

    This game is pretty fun, I'd recommend it if you like the online game version. No mouse clicking, and you can use the wii remote to do this shit! Its gonna kill a lot of time when I need it.
  18. ConstantElevation


    Without even thinking about it, we take it as a given that the police must protect each of us.That's their whole reason for existence, right? While this might be true in a few jurisdictions in the US and Canada, it is actually the exception,not the rule. In general, court decisions and state...
  19. ConstantElevation

    White Collar or Blue Collar

    So, what does the siccness prefer when it comes to work? Do you prefer dealing with people and customer service, business, etc. or Do you prefer labor, jobs where you need to put some sort of physical effort in?
  20. ConstantElevation ^^^ Is that site legit? Do I really have to worry about paypal accounts or is that site just looking to get people on their "Alternative to Paypal"?