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  1. TacTownTim

    Freedom Town: Aesthetic and Recreational Lawn Alternative

    lol addy's brought me back to the siccness....first time since 2013:rolleyes:
  2. TacTownTim

    Getting around hard drive password on dell laptop

    So to make a long ass story short I got my laptop back today and the person that had it decided to put in a different hard drive because the one that was in it had a virus on it...why they swapped it out for this one is beyond me because it wouldn't have been to hard to remove the...
  3. TacTownTim

    grants for college

    I need more money to help pay for living expenses in school. Yall know of any good grants?
  4. TacTownTim

    Private student loans

    Just enrolled in UoP and got the pell grant plus student loans to pay for it. Didnt know I would only get about 900 bacc after tuition. When talking to my financial advisor (from the school) I asked if there was any other loans I could get so I could have more money to live on and he said only...
  5. TacTownTim

    University Of Phoenix

    Any of yall ever did their online classes? Was thinking about going for Web Design but idk
  6. TacTownTim

    gettin money in a recession

    post your ideas
  7. TacTownTim

    crazy ass website
  8. TacTownTim

    Jody Breeze Young Jeezy Diss

    he killed him on tha drake beat
  9. TacTownTim

    What would you do?

    If you got like 6000? Im bout to get a lil settlement checc in a couple weeks an I dont wanna just blow it. What ways could i invest some of it?
  10. TacTownTim

    Philthy Rich an Lil Blood free???

    Just seen on twitter shady nate posted "Welcome home Philthy Rich an Lil Blood" So they out?? Also...why was they locced up in the first place lol
  11. TacTownTim


    Anyone got some Full Time soldiers? They local from seattle but I cant find any of their shit.
  12. TacTownTim

    Ignition this tuesday.

    Just went to FYE and reserved my copy of Ignition. I went in there to make sure they were getting some copys and she said they only gettin 4 so I had ta reserve one.....Just a heads up to all yall You might wanna reserve a copy.
  13. TacTownTim

    I go

    Wat yall thinkin bout that smigg dirty song I go...I think its a fire ass tracc...smiggs puttin it down in my opionion...its got savage lyrics but a slow beat. kinda like a song for tha ladies and a song for tha thugs