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  1. creptandwecame

    Tech N9ne - Insane

    I can dig this one fa sho
  2. creptandwecame


    GRC aka Get Rick Click Bump
  3. creptandwecame

    2010 and prior Members

    Yeah I'm still lurking in these forums every year or has been a hot minute tho since tha last time I logged into the truly miss the days of old...checking the forum for the latest leak or feature...we should definitely bring this shit back and maybe go after some long...
  4. creptandwecame


    lets get this thread crackin again!
  5. creptandwecame

    MTV2 Premiers When I Was 17 - Tech N9ne

    I am living in Kuwait and I won't be able to catch this episode. The MTV2 website is blocked over here in Kuwait. I was wondering if someone could record this episode and upload it to youtube? I wish I could give something back in return for this huge favour but I cant think of anything...if...
  6. creptandwecame

    Somebody Please Tell Me

    Who Is Tech talking about in his first verse in Awkward? I tried to do some research on this but nobody had a concrete far, here are the people who he COULD be talking about: Akon Kurupt Baby Bash (but prolly not) Can anyone please shed some light on this?
  7. creptandwecame

    Hip Hop Squares MTV Tech N9ne Videos

    Where tha linkz at? youtube linkz only
  8. creptandwecame

    Strange Music is Featured on

    Tech N9ne and Ces Cru along with Krizz Kaliko is on the home page for's website. Could this be a sign that Chamillionaire is paying attention to Strangeland? They met in Australia during the Heat Wave Festival and the fans have been hinting at a possible collab for...
  9. creptandwecame

    whatever happened to sisko from CCG?

    what ever happened to Court Dog?
  10. creptandwecame

    Tha Rellez

    Tha Rellez...out of Springfield, MO...does anyone have any updated info on them? Any contact info for them?
  11. creptandwecame

    Tha Rellez

    What happened to them? Are they still together? Does anyone have any contact numbers for them? They would have made a great album if they were under Strange...their website doesnt work anymore!
  12. creptandwecame


    thanks! i love this thread...dope ass shit!
  13. creptandwecame

    OT: Chamillionaire 2011 - 12

    Brand New Everything Somebody ask Koopa if he wants to sign w/ Strange...I think they are both on tha same level, business-wise. Rhyming, they are both very polished on tha mic, but Tech's "stage show is off tha hook". I think Cham, plus a Krayzie Bone signing would be a huge uplift for...
  14. creptandwecame

    Tech N9ne Ft. Kendrick Lamar & Oobergeek “I Love Music”

    Tech N9ne Ft. Kendrick Lamar & Oobergeek “I Love Music”... Just heared...not a very promising way to start out A6&7's, but noneThaLess, its new music. It kinda remided me of his flow he used on all them Bad Season tracks...i hate that flow...hopefully he didn't put this on tha album...but it's...
  15. creptandwecame

    First C-Mob album back in stock...

    nice...i lost my copy!
  16. creptandwecame

    Bone Thugs new song FALLIN! TWE cut

    does anyone have a download link to this? if so...please PM me!
  17. creptandwecame

    Strange Days Chicago House of Blues

    I just bought 3 VIP tickets to the Chicago House of Blues concert. This will be the first Tech concert for all three of us. We've waited way too long to do this so its a long time coming. We pretty much been bumpin' him since Now It's On came out. I am flying in all the way from Kuwait City...
  18. creptandwecame

    Tech_N9NE-The_Lost_Scripts_Of_K.O.D.-2010 REVIEW

    I just got the album. So far, I can see why these tracks were left off of the KOD album. Here is the tracklist: 01-Tech_N9NE-Like_I_Died_(Remix)_Ft._Krizz_Kaliko_&_Craig_Smith 02-Tech_N9NE-Stress_Relief 03-Tech_N9NE-00N9NA 04-Tech_N9NE-Pain_Killer_Ft._Krizz_Kaliko...