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  1. Swick

    OT: Swick Update

    Hi yall I kinda disappeared for a bit, had back surgery....recovered okay....but they decided to cut me again, this time I didnt recover so quickly, but I am back....and also with a newly reformatted hard drive haha. I hope things haven't gotten too far out of hand here and Im sure I was...
  2. Swick

    OT: KC Native Actor/Comedian Eddie Griffin in Accident He apparently wrecked a 1.5 million dollar Ferrari, the rumor mill is flying saying that its a publicity stunt for his upcoming movie "REDLINE" Read the above link for more info
  3. Swick

    Tech myspace spam

    Don't pay attention to any bulletins containing SPAM from Tech's myspace accnt....The situation is being handled.. Thanks
  4. Swick

    FAQ suggestions

    Anyone have any suggestions for updating the FAQ thread? Dont junk this up please
  5. Swick

    New Rule & Vital

    If you have the urge to talk trash or bash someone in a thread....take it to the Official Trash Talking Vital thread. Perhaps this will reduce some clutter....and hope you all vent a little.....its no holds barred (to an extent) so have at each other.....its like a big bar fight.....and you...
  6. Swick

    Official Trash Talking Thread

    Trash nothing new to the Strange Music forum. Sometimes its funny....most of the time annoying.....nonetheless.....I have created a thread and this will be a VITAL. Anytime you feel the urge to trash talk or bash someone in a thread. Bring it here instead...... picture this as...
  7. Swick

    Someone please...

    Post something worth reading
  8. Swick

    Official YouTube Tech N9ne thread

    I was searching youtube and found some humorous homemade videos to Tech music.....Im sure some of yall have seen these but heres a couple
  9. Swick

    OT: The Really Bad MySpace Rap thread

    If you run across any really bad myspace rap...share it....its entertaining I cant top what HQ I will post it here
  10. Swick

    Where is everyone from?

    I personally dont know where half the posters are is from on the forum, and we have a few people outside of the US... Please dont junk this one up.
  11. Swick

    Where was I?

    When this dropped.... given its a previously released song....but Tech made the cover..
  12. Swick

    Twista shouts out to Tech...

    Someone left me a msg that Twista was on HOT 107.9 in Atlanta this morning....and when asked who his favorite rappers were. He replied with Tech N9ne, Pharoah Monch, NAS, & a couple of "new" rappers were mentioned. The also asked him could he hear rapid fire rappers more clearly...
  13. Swick

    My Inbox isnt full anymore

    To those who tried to send me a message.....its empty now send away send away
  14. Swick


    Here is the Reply to the SNL skit For those of you who missed the SNL skit here ya go
  15. Swick

    Ressurection of TechN9ne HQ Website?

    For those of you that werent around then..... Myself and the guy by the name of techn9nehq on here had a fansite dedicated to Tech. I Think it opened in 2001 closed in 03 maybe 04? Im bad with dates.... Anyway..I get alot of emails regarding the reopening of this site. But neither Nick nor I...
  16. Swick

    Simma' Down Now

    Things have been going well. Thanks for keeping the anger and stupidity to a low. I have hardly closed any threads since Everready dropped....but closed a few today. I just want to remind everyone that it start with you to clean this board up, and all in all you all have done a good job. By...
  17. Swick

    A PM I Received

    I just wanted to share.. Need I say more
  18. Swick

    The State of this Forum

    Overall things have improved and I appreciate that. But we aren't out of the dark yet... What I don't appreciate is all of the bashing....the one liners. This isn't a pissing contest. People blamed negativity on lack of a CD release. Well here we have it, and still negativity is very present...
  19. Swick

    The Definative EVERREADY - BILLBOARD thread

    Isn't this much more simple? Discuss Tech N9ne's status on the Billboard Charts here.
  20. Swick

    Hey Juggs

    I am sure u know about it but......Wraith: Remix Album CD Nov 14th Features production by Seven & Rob Rebek insane_clown_posse-the_witch_(tech_n9ne_michael_seven_summers_and_robert_rebeck_remix) Though I didnt hear Tech on it...