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    mac dre-if u??

    Just heard it on Pandora, what album is it on? Dope song
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    san quinn all in the city?

    any buddy pick it up? how is it? hes last album was ok
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    giants and elephant vol 2?

    i saw they did a second one wit san quinn, how is it? worth picking up?
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    New Quinn – Can’t Take The Ghetto Out

    that new Quinn – Can’t Take The Ghetto Out, is better then dope, oil and guns. Album better then i thought it was going to be. Havent seen any buddy talk bout it on here. what u all think? any buddy pick it up?
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    Last Of The Floheakinz || Official T-Nutty Thread

    Worth picking up?
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    Last Of The Floheakinz || Official T-Nutty Thread

    didnt see anything bout it on here, how is it?
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    any new yukmouth?

    any new yuk comming out? still slappin last album and tonight show.
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    Messy marv- I'm from the bay???

    My homie was bumping it, tight track , what album it on ? Album any good?
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    Street low show in san jose?

    any buddy know when it is? or have a pic of the flyer? its usually in August
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    Big mouth clothing??

    is big mouth clothing still around?, i have a shirt that says bay area in black and orange like the godfather, thats seen better days, i want to get a new one, thanks
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    Car shows in the bay?

    Any shows around bay comming up? Small or big. I went to goodguys last weekend and street low coming up in august
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    whens it hitting the store?
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    young sight??

    my homie was palying his cd over the weekend, album called the ulysses project, it was tight cd. any buddy know anything bout him? where he from or any other albums he has out? thanks
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    bootleg jordans

    any buddy know any good websites they bought from? the ones i want seen for 200 bucks or more, thanks
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    Devilz Rejectz - House Of The Dead

    my homie let be borrow number 2 , its a tight cd, kick back beats.hows the first one? and where ampichino from? and does he have any other cds out?
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    Philthy rich albums?

    Been listening to his tracks and videos on you tube, how many albums does he have out and which ones worth picking up?
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    New turf talk??

    Anybuddy pick it up yet? Rasputin have it?
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    what jordans getting released this month?

    dude at my work said some tight ones comming out and people going to wait in line again , just like for space jams.which ones?
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    D moe- do u feel me

    anybuddy got an re issue they want to sell, hit me up, thanks
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    any good hunted houses in the bay?

    looking for good HAUNTED house to take my girlfriend and her friend ,any good ones in the bay, only ones i could find was in the east bay. thanks