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    HBO, ESPN Ink Multiyear Boxing Deal Centered On PPV Fights

    HBO, ESPN Ink Multiyear Boxing Deal Centered On PPV Fights Published September 12, 2012 Font Size Resize Small Resize Normal Resize Large | Print | Share | HBO and ESPN have reached a boxing programming and marketing agreement HBO and ESPN yesterday announced a multiyear boxing...
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    Konnan / MLW Podcast

    haven't really watched wrestling on a regular basis since like 2000, but for some reason i still like to follow what's going on and listen to shoot interviews and stuff. lately ive been listening to this weekly podcast with konnan (ay yo yo let me speak on this!), court bauer (former wwe...
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    Top Dawg Ent. Mega-thread (Kendrick Lamar, ScHoolboy Q, Ab-Soul, Jay-Rock etc)

    just finally listened to all of section 80. cant believe i slept on this for so long. gets my vote for hip hop album of the year
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    Dr. Dre Headphones

    anyone got them? im thinking about getting an ipod and it seems like 7 out of 10 ppl walking the streets are rocking the dre headphones now....its kinda making me wanna jump on the bandwagon. are they really that hyphy and worth the cost or just trendy? or is there a cheap version of them out...
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    Occupy Wall Street Protest

    and the white money mayweather wasting an opportunity to get 2 taco bell tacos...."money aint a thang!!"....i wonder if her burns the rent money his parents send him every month? this has been going on since last saturday. ppl been camping out and marching in the financial district by the ny...
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    Computer Help ???

    my internets been running slow for the past few days. google searches and simple pages still load pretty quick. siccness and pages with more stuff load a little slower. and video or audio streams and downloads are just serio slow. ive tried all these solutions that havent worked, but one i...
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    Greatest Motivational Speech of ALL TIME

    along with dr kings "i have a dream" and rick moranis' "one time" speech in the little giants, this guy just raised the bar: XhRf2mYrZmg if you werent inspired by that youre not alive
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    Armageddon in San Diego

    havent been able to get a hold of my parents back home, but just got a text from my girl that all of dago is still without any power since 3pm...i think some are starting to panic: More than 1.4 million customers lost power during a blackout in the San Diego area Thursday afternoon. San Diego...
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    Miami Mega Jail

    good documentary series Px2kTQKZaSU theres plenty with him inside the "god hates fags" family, wrestling, brothels, etc.
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    Quote about V-Nasty

    producer blockhead nails it pretty right on when speaking on v-nasty with this one: "She’s got the body of Grover on Sesame Street and the mouth of Noreaga if he grew up in Oakland. There’s a certain type of stupid that only exists in the Bay Area that she has. I’m not saying...
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    wrestling then and now

    i notice a lot of the old timers or veterans today complaining about how these new kids these days don't know how to work. i haven't really watched actual wrestling like raw or smackdown since about 2000-2001. but from what ive seen i feel like these young bucks work just fine….maybe even better...
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    BART: Stay Out of Our Cell Phone Service!

    just got this in an email. i dont care for it but some folks here may. maybe this should go in bart forum, but its not about rap: Target: BART Officials Sponsored by: On August 11, Bay Area Rapid Transit elected to shut down cell phone service at all downtown San Francisco...
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    ive always hated urkel

    my boy eddie's gonna beat his ass for sure after seeing this: I34cljQQ7YA
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    thought i told you that bangs wont stop

    hi haters, how you doing? thought this shit was over, but your boy's elbows are ashy as ever with some new hit singles: PzGo0FNWFBA double trouble B7g841G2p7M
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    For Homeowners - What you know about the Home Affordable Modification Program??

    i know someone who might have their house foreclosed after signing up for the HAMP even though theyve paid their mortgage on time every month since they bought their home 10 yrs ago. and im just learning this has been happening to tons of ppl...
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    PBS FRONTLINE - POT REPUBLIC Inside the country's oldest, largest and most wide-open marijuana market — California ok episode. only half hour
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    Club Tijuana Xoloitzcuintles

    jorge hank rhon's squad start tearin it up in the primera div this evening against morelia in tj. that would be dope if they can bring a title home to tijuas the stands at those games at the hipodromo were already hyphy as hell i can imagine how wild theyre gonna be now
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    Biggest WPS You've Ever Done

    so this week i hiked yosemites half dome with my white comrades. was one of the tougher and scarier things ive ever done. took us 12 hours (started at 1am and finished at 1pm). my body is still sore. and i literally took a big pooper at the top of the mountain aha! 3 ppl died along the...
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    Going Deep w/ Porn Stars

    this guy interviews porn stars...kinda funny l-fDkzxRvi8
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    That's Racist! 10 Most Offensive Moments In Wrestling

    some of these are pretty funny never knew vince dropped the nigga bomb on tv. and surprised they didnt do roddy piper in black face or akeem the african dreams promos