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    cant find shit on google and i wanna order these shoes off this european site... how much is the difference between american and european dollars?? for example... 90 euro is...?? a site with all that shit would be appreciated.
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    everything has been fine up to a couple days ago... now evertime i attempt to open reason it asks me to insert the Orkester and Sound Bank discs and then i gotta enter the serial number and shit works fine and everything when i do it, its just annoying that i have to do that everytime...
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    i gotta dip to santa cruz in about a hour and then to fresno in the morning and i need a couple new white tees, the store on my block only got hella fat nigga sizes.. anybody know where they sell some TRIPLE A white tees in the city??? EDIT: or any places on the way to santa cruz? lol
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    anybody know where i could make some tags or some shit online? i wanna put some of my beats online but i want my shit tagged... this 2006 technology is too good, lol. thanks in advance
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    anybody know where to cop this shit online besides the site? the shirt i want is sold out and i dont know where else the shit is sold..
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    PowerBook Users....

    have yall changed your battery yet??? i got my girl buyin one right now but i'm tryna figure out if i gotta go to the apple store to get it put in or could i do it myself... if i could do it myself let me know how
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    Cingular 8125

    anybody got this? once again im gettin a new phone.. i need some personal opinions on it though... how is the actual PHONE part of it? is there anything better i should look get? im not fuckin with anything wit tmobile so dont mention a sidekick 3.. thanks in advance.
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    Jobs that pay you every weak...

    anybody know any? im about to quit my job at macys, but the only thing ima miss is that i got a check every friday, i want another job that does that shit
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    If Your In The Bay.....

    get the fuck off the computer and go outside and do somethin. i dont remember the last time its been this hot in the sco, feel like im in sac or some shit. and i live right next to the water so usually its windy over here but its really just HEAT, i still see a couple knocks sportin puff coats...
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    Pac's Music.

    what is it about Pac's music do yall think made it so great? im not talkin about pac the person, im talkin about pac's all around music. i think it was the production, then when the lyrics hit the beat it was just like the icing on the cake. listening to "High Til I Die" just made me realized that
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    this shit hella clean....

    i just saw this on my nigga john myspace...
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    yoo... i came up on a few jam packs for garage band but i want to use them with logic, not garage band. anybody know how i could do that?
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    How's that new Coup album?

    let me know...
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    Name some skate shops in Berkeley/Oakland...

    this prally the wrong place to be askin for skate shops and shit since everybody so thugged out on here but oh well, if yall know any just list em.. i gotta find these kicks
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    weakest line on tv right now, that shit is hella annoying... its amazing how some of these cats get deals off that shit
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    just doin a lil survey.. my bad if its already been posted, couldnt find shit with the search function.. if you use hardware...MPC, Triton, etc. state what you use.. if you use software, reason, fruity loops, etc. state what you use... if you use both, state exactly what. thanks.
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    Question for Lil Rebel..

    ay bruh who produced "Ima Boy" and "Off Top"?
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    Gnarls Barkely

    how yall like it? i think a lot of people are sleepin on it because nobody knows who the fuck "gnarls barkley" is, not knowing its cee-lo and dangermouse. i havnt really listened to it yet but i'm about to cuz im always down for some different shit.. was anybody disappointed by it?
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    Does Aesop Rock have a show out in the city?

    i just seen dude walkin downtown when i was goin to work.. i wasnt sure it was him at first but then i heard him talk to who he was with, i knew for sure it was him. anybody know if he has a show or somethin out here? edit: oh yea and if yall dont know what city im talkin about...San Francisco.
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    LOGIC users... quick question.

    i just need to know how to add more audio tracks, for some reason i just forgot out of no where. thanks in advance