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  1. X-NINE

    Lil Ruegar locked up. . .

    Via Instagram. Instagram
  2. X-NINE

    Ryan leslie : Black mozart

    I've been fucking with Leslie for years now. Dude is a very very talented musician. His new rapping style not bad. Pretty decent
  3. X-NINE

    2 Chainz - B.O.A.T.S. II: Me Time

    @Rasan. IMO Luda's fallen very off the last couple of years. I grew up on the dude. His records don't even sound as engaging to listen to. His track record and multi-platinum streak was better than many rappers, no doubt. I just think if he don't come with it on Ludaversal this year, its a wrap...
  4. X-NINE

    2 Chainz - B.O.A.T.S. II: Me Time

    1. Fork (Prod. Mike Will Made it) 2. 36 (Prod. Crak King) 3. Feds Watching (Prod. Pharrell) 4. Where You Been ft. Cap 1 (Prod. Mike Will Made It) 5. I Do It ft. Drake & Lil Wayne (Prod. D Rich & Boi-1da) 6. Used 2 (Prod. Mannie Fresh) 7. Netflix ft. Fergie (Prod. Honorable C Note) 8. Extra ft...
  5. X-NINE

    Top Dawg Ent. Mega-thread (Kendrick Lamar, ScHoolboy Q, Ab-Soul, Jay-Rock etc)

    I can respect that opinion...but all I can say is this Kendrick moment was a well needed one for hiphop. Just like Kanye is having his own era of him trying to be a super rebel nigga (Yeezus). The reactions to Kendrick verse & Yeezus are about the same. Kanye had turned ALOT of ppl off with his...
  6. X-NINE

    Top Dawg Ent. Mega-thread (Kendrick Lamar, ScHoolboy Q, Ab-Soul, Jay-Rock etc)

    Food & Liquor is classic and I've met him 2 times in person. Smart guy forreal. He just needs to get back with his old producers and come back harder. I won't lie, he been on some other other shit since LASERS tho. Food & Liquor II was cool, but it's not even on par with his first 2 albums and...
  7. X-NINE

    Guce doing a Bully's Wit Fullys with PHILTHY RICH ?

    Just peeped on his facebook. So what's going on with the one with Jacka ? That still on ?
  8. X-NINE


    I thought I heard somewhere it was the same album, but updated. I like the what I heard from hearing 50% of the album. But I can't even stunt, he brought Heatmakers back, Dame Grease, Buckwild, Alechmist, Premier and some other no-names that actually produced some CRACK on here (The Joint With...
  9. X-NINE

    Top Dawg Ent. Mega-thread (Kendrick Lamar, ScHoolboy Q, Ab-Soul, Jay-Rock etc)

    I only heard Kendrick Lamar & Jay Rock's albums. still haven't heard Ab Soul or Q to really see what the hype is behind them.
  10. X-NINE

    Xzibit - Napalm

    1. State Of Hip Hop Vs. Xzibit 3:54 2. Everything 4:07 3. Dos Equis (Feat. The Game And RBX) 4:05 4. Something More (Feat. Prodigy) 3:42...
  11. X-NINE

    Freddie Gibbs Official Thread

    I fucks with this tape...ain't gonna lie, I haven't heard alot of his old shit...some of that str8 killa EP tho & that MadGibbs Thuggin EP w/ Madlib. Jeezy need to get this nigga album out mane
  12. X-NINE

    Freddie Gibbs Official Thread

    Kinda smh that Stay Strapped Part 2 didn't make the cut, but I'll peep I've come around to folks music for over a year now
  13. X-NINE

    DMX - Undisputed (Thoughts ?)

    1. Lookin' Without Seein’ (prod. by Elite) 2. What They Don't Know (prod. by Swizz Beatz) 3. Cold World (prod. by Dame Grease & Snaz) 4. I Don't Dance featuring Machine Gun Kelly (prod. by J.R. Rotem) 5. Sucka For Love (prod. by Deezle) 6. I Get Scared (prod. by Dame Grease) 7. Slippin' Again...
  14. X-NINE

    J. Stalin - Memoirs Of A Curb Server (Thoughts?)

    Well It's out now....About to give it a listen. Who's heard it so far ? 1. Lyrical Exercise 3 (Feat. L'Jay) 4:17 2. Money In Ya Jeans 2:37 3. Cormer Sto (Feat. Lil Blood) 3:56 4...
  15. X-NINE

    Big Krit Official Thread

    I like the album....Folks delivered but I did have a feeling ppl were going to compare to the free albums he dropped just because they held KRIT to a high standard with those.
  16. X-NINE

    Big Krit Official Thread

    Downloaded the webrip and it's 128 qual ripped from the stream....shit didn't sound right in my iTouch....That grouprip should be out soon tho. Overall the preduction not bad at all...still need to soak it in some more
  17. X-NINE

    Philthy Rich - Kill Zone (The Leak) mixtape thoughts?

    01 Intro 02 Movin Birds Feat. Waka Flocka & YG Hootie produced by tfdr 03 Grindin’ Feat. Fetti Mack & PSD produced by fetty slaps 04 Kill Zone Coming Soon Skit 05 Broke Niggas Make Me Sick Feat. HBK Skip & Kool John produced by fetty slaps 06 Look At Me Now Feat. Young Noble, Killa Kyleon &...
  18. X-NINE

    Mess turns 36 today?

    Niggas been all on twitter bout his b-day today and I looked on wiki and it said 36? thought that nigga was way younger than that like early 30's, mayne
  19. X-NINE

    Messy Marv - Cake And Ice Cream 3?

    What's the info on this? Just saw the banner while logging in just now