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  1. SLRider510

    So I went to Wrestlemania...

    A bit late, but I wanted to share a few pics of one of the most fun days of my life. I felt 12 again haha
  2. SLRider510

    Freedom Town: Aesthetic and Recreational Lawn Alternative

    appreciate it fam!
  3. SLRider510

    R.I.P Omar Henry

    One of boxing's young prospects. Boxer Omar Henry dies at 25, not long after writing he hoped to live to his 26th birthday on Feb. 8 | Boxing Experts Blog - Yahoo! Sports (edit:s/o 2-0sixx didnt see this in the boxing thread...)
  4. SLRider510

    UFC 154: St-Pierre vs. Condit Nov.17

    yeaaaaahh.... about that... i meant Hendricks... uhh lol @CZAR yea got em hahaha
  5. SLRider510

    UFC On FX 4: Maynard vs Guida

    Lol @jason guida talking shit to anyone. Gray Maynard would beat his ass Jason is such trash lol
  6. SLRider510

    My Vegas Fight week Experience(cool story bro)

    I made the trip out to Vegas this week for the Mayweather/Ortiz fight. Me and my cousin went last minute to meet up with some friends of mine who know Victor Ortiz. I took about 450 bucks due to the fact i barely got a new job so i Kinda figured this week wasnt going to be too spectacular. Plan...
  7. SLRider510

    Batistas Daughter and her bf....

    Damn batista gonna batista bomb this dude! Athena Batista (Dave Batista's 18-Year-Od Daughter) & her boyfriend "Justin Miller" filmed themselves getting it in at a Miami hotel! We were told they are coming out with more footage too!
  8. SLRider510

    Chael Sonnen steroid hearing link (late i kno sorry) this is boring as fuck.... but if u wanna watch.... enjoy?
  9. SLRider510

    What do you guys think about Okami's future?

    I been reading on that they are thinking the UFC might skip on Okami's title shot... personally i think it sucks that bc a guy isnt the easiest to promote he should be held back or whatever. y the fuck u gonna put him in a #1 contender match if at the end he wins... ur gonna...
  10. SLRider510

    Belfort Out AGAIN!!

    Damn man.... i really wanna see Belfort fight .. but its gonna have to wait again
  11. SLRider510

    R.I.P Luna Vachon

    Damn... helllla young
  12. SLRider510

    Short Bus Shawty LOL

    Shits HELLA funny... <object width="480" height="385"><param name="movie" value=";hl=en_US&amp;fs=1"></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><param name="allowscriptaccess" value="always"></param><embed...
  13. SLRider510

    Bret Hart New US Champion

    HAHA wow.. its weird but damn i feel young again watchin Bret Hold up a Belt...
  14. SLRider510

    **Official UFC 117 News Thread**

    Since it's the first time we are gonna get a UFC so close to home I figured we could put news and rumors here.. So Far announced Match-ups are Anderson Silva Vs. Chael Sonnen For the UFC Middleweight Title. Jon Fitch Vs. Thiago Alves Matt Hughes Vs. Ricardo Almeida Thiago Silva Vs. Tim Boetsch...
  15. SLRider510

    Weirdest song u ever fucked to....

    what the weirdest song u ever knocked while fuckin your girl (or boyfriend so emma can participate) I had sex wit my girl knocking the theme song from Rocky Breh... didnt help the stamina but i sure felt like I was tearing shit up... :ermm:
  16. SLRider510

    i accidently opened that gay thread in the open forum

    so now im here in the I-candy washing my eyes out with some sweet tiddies... cool story, Breh:siccness:
  17. SLRider510

    Sooo Lovely....

    one of the top 10 hottest chicks right now.. IMO... and here is a nipple slip... LOL.... Arianny Celeste
  18. SLRider510

    so whos fucking ready?!

    Ufc Live on Versus 2... Oracle Arena In Oakland Ca... IM GOIN... i dont care whos fighting haha.
  19. SLRider510

    Need some help

    Im starting to keep a little collection of boxing on my hard drive.. you guys know any good places to Download Full fights in HD?