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    2010 and prior Members

    TechN9neHQ was that shit. I was just listening to that verse on the phone he did for them when he’s talking about being on tour with jay z, nappy roots, having the song in biker boyz etc..
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    Tech N9ne - Something Else

    Preorders of ONLY the "All Access" deluxe CD version will be personally autographed by Tech N9ne! Technicians! Are you prepared for Something Else The newest album from Tech N9ne hits stores 7/30, but here's your chance to preorder the most anticipated album of Tech's career. Something Else is...
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    OT: XV - Vizzy Zone

    Well here it is. The wait is finally over. XV - "VIZZY ZONE" 1. Theme To Vizzy Zone (produced by Seven) 2. The Flying V (produced by Seven) 3. Tunnel Vision (produced by Omen) 4. Gettin' Bizzy (produced by Seven) 5. We...
  4. M KOD review

    On my iPhone if it dosent show right.. Tech N9ne :: King Of Darkness (K.O.D.) :: Strange Music as reviewed by Steve 'Flash' Juon Tech N9ne's latest album was shrouded with controversy and hype from the minute it was announced. The title was first announced as "K.O.D." with no information on...
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    Hits Daily Double Estimated Sales For Tech Next Week..

    This is the one day sales report. not 100 percent on point but they are always in the right range. JACKSON'S ALL ABOUT IT Michael Jackson Album Companion to Movie Will Bow at #1, Creed, Taylor Swift Next October 28, 2009...
  6. M Sickology review

    Got the review of the week. this site always shows tech love with reviews Tech N9ne :: Sickology 101 Strange Music Author: Steve 'Flash' Juon Aaron Yates is nothing if not one of the most colorful rappers in all of hip-hop. The Kansas City native better known as Tech N9ne embodies this...
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    Sickology on pace to do 20-25K first week..

    New Together Through Life Will Debut at #1 April 29, 2009 As much as the times they are a-changing, that’s how much they stay the same. Certified rock and roll legend and '60s icon Bob Dylan’s 33rd studio album, Together Through Life, will mark his second straight album to debut...
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    MIMS cd with Tech is inside

    i'm downloading now EDIT: whole cd above, song link below
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    Slacker In New DJ Video Game Coming Out

    Heres the link. QD3 is involed so i'm guess he has something to do with the song being chosen. either way good look.. Scratch: The Ultimate DJ, a music rhythm game from Genius Products and 7 Studios, will ship with tracks from top classic and...
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    tech on pace to sell 40K!..

    hitsdailydouble.. NO CHART FIREWORKS THIS WEEK Coldplay, Lil Wayne and Camp Rock Will Dominate, With G-Unit, Mayer the Top Debuts July 2, 2008 Don’t expect too many fireworks at music retail over the Fourth of July weekend. Coldplay’s Capitol Music Group album Viva La Vida, Lil Wayne’s...
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    Tech Not On The Top 50 on Billboard Yet...

    go to hitsdailydouble and look at the building album sales chart...its on 37% in but hes not on the top 50 yet. go there every few hours till tonight for the Final Sales. if he sold anywhere near 30,000 like he said bat that one show he should be in the top 50 easy
  12. M Everyready review!

    good shit...i think AP got te same score as well. Tech N9ne :: Everready (The Religion) :: Strange Music Inc. as reviewed by Steve 'Flash' Juon "It's the one with the name of a gun, look at me momma what I've become." What has Tech N9ne become? One of hip-hop's best kept secrets. Few people...
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    Tech ranked 15,9,6 in myspace top indie artists

    this has to be good for sales i mean how can u be ranked that high on the biggest people site in the world and not have a better 1st week than your last 2 cds?? on the top 20 artists on my space they take each catogory and break it up into unsigned, indie, and major. tech is in indie (duh) but...
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    allhiphop message boards (help Tech)

    this is one of the biggest rap boards and we have a everready thread goin thats pretty deep (7 pages) thats pretty crazy for tech n9ne there... but i wanted to make a reminder under a new thread about what tech posted here bout retail stores jerkin him around but it wouldn't let me make a thread...
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    Dear Tech N9ne!..are you ready for pittsburgh and anyone else from the burgh here???

    If u read this let me know whats good...ur the only reason i got tickets to the wicked wonka tour when it came here and u didn't show up cause u had something already planned or something? that killed me cause i been waitin since 2001 to see you live. is anyone else from pittsburgh here? lemme...
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    Tech in pittsburgh nov 17 (read)

    look im sure most of u know hes comin to the rex theater but DMX was supposed to be there last night and they canceled his show. basically i heard from the lady who owns the store next door to the rex that the owner of the rex don't have insurance/enough insurance or some shit and dmx concerts...
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    Hmm not sure to believe this but read Up..

    seen this cat on IRC a bit ago and he was yappin about tech in this room, playin his songs and shit. so he says something like "we are workin on techs new cd and hopefully it will be out soon" so i Msg'ed him and heres what he says: <merlconn1> who u workin for lol <merlconn1> strange music...
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    Whats Tech Gonna Do?

    Look im headin to the show on fri in pittsburgh, PA and was wondering what songs tech has done when u seen him on the wicked wonka tour. u don't have to say on the post incase others don't want to be spoiled but just send me a private message and let me know...THANKS
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    Beef Lyrics anyone?

    Who can do this one? includin the story at the beginning. Thanks
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    my TECH N9NE buddy icon

    Here i made it last night...use if u want. my AIM is the same as this one if u need me