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  1. techclown

    OT: mw3 xbox

    Heyguys anyone heredown for some mw3?? If ur interested myself and 12 other tech fans have a social clan if ya interested let me know Gamer tag: FanOrFoe T9X
  2. techclown

    Rugby World Cup Final

    Hey guys the third biggest televised sport is on Sunday, Oct. 23 3 - 6 p.m ET Rugby World Cup Final: France vs. New Zealand Auckland, New Zealand At least watch the haka
  3. techclown

    Warriors vs Sydney Roosters NRL

    game on 3hrs from now heres highlights from last year WT6qarmN_7U
  4. techclown

    tech in turkey kinda

    Kool but kinda embrassing 4Rvj491xVHQ
  5. techclown

    this guy reckons tech n9ne copied him lol bit of a laugh really
  6. techclown

    no mixtape but New Song!! called Ego Trippin
  7. techclown

    Intro to Rugby union Enjoy at a sneak peak of this beautiful game
  8. techclown

    Tech n9ne feat enimem- Cant nobody tame me off an Mixtape its pretty good
  9. techclown

    DJ Chill ustream live now!!

    come join
  10. techclown

    Its alive & When the storm begins Masup

    Check it
  11. techclown

    Tech N9ne TV AD Enjoy
  12. techclown

    Tech N9ne TV Interviews? in this it goes on about tech n9ne maybe doing TV interviews?????
  13. techclown

    OY: t.o.n.e-z mixtape

    since its a bit quiet around here i fought id let yall no about t.o.n.e-z new mixtape pretty fresh
  14. techclown

    Who's the Ultimate DJ contest - DJ Hymn

    <object width="425" height="344"><param name="movie" value=""></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><param name="allowscriptaccess" value="always"></param><embed src=""...
  15. techclown

    recommend BOOKs

    im Not a book person but for some reason i just finished a 7 book series called "Tommorow when the war began" great read. about australia getting invaded and a group of teens sabotaging the army..... Just wanted to know what other people may of enjoyed?
  16. techclown

    Killa C, aka Coul Hill, gets personal on new CD

    Found this today little read on our friend KILLA C lol Coul Hill hasn't been a saint. And he has the tattoos and criminal past to prove it. He earned his baritone growl by smoking more than...
  17. techclown

    Kinda OT: Tech N9ne mentioned in Jay Z Write up

    i came across it, a small mention of Tech N9ne not to interesting but Something
  18. techclown

    Tech N9ne in murder dog

    not sure if been posted july Issue and search tech n9ne got a bit and a page about brotha lynch sorry not sure how to just get the pages by them selfs
  19. techclown

    Tech in a movie called Vengancce small part in the clip of tech goin nuts lol dont think its out yet
  20. techclown

    keep it hot Mr.Garth feat. tech n9ne

    cant remeber if this has been posted, im sure it has but here any way, once again tech is the only good thing about the song