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  1. BituinTheSheets

    Favorite Ridley Scott movie?

    So it's about that time again...what's your favorite Ridley Scott movie? Mine is Gladiator.
  2. BituinTheSheets

    Favorite James Cameron Movie

    With the release of Avatar recently, I thought it'd make sense to do Cameron. Pick your favorite.. Mine is T2: Judgment Day
  3. BituinTheSheets

    Favorite Martin Scorsese Film?

    What's everybody's favorite Martin Scorsese movie? Shutter Island isn't out but I'll leave it open so that when it does, you can change your mind then.
  4. BituinTheSheets

    Fat Princess on the PS Store 7/30

    Anybody else interested in this game? It looks to be amazing will probably be my weakness for quite a while until something better comes out. It looks kiddy as fuck but has a sick twist to it and it looks to be hella fun. I'll be looking for some Siccness fools to play with. Check the vid...
  5. BituinTheSheets

    Electronic/Techno/House Music

    Shit's dope. Love it all.
  6. BituinTheSheets

    PS3 games on sale at

    The site is down right now but there's plenty of games on sale...
  7. BituinTheSheets

    Def Jam Rapstar PS3/Xbox 360

    New Def Jam Rapstar game coming out for both PS3 and X360. What are your guys thoughts? I'm not gonna lie, I might fuck with it depending on the soundtrack. ^ There's the article along with the teaser vid.
  8. BituinTheSheets

    RE5 = racist?

    I was just reading this article on IGN and I was wondering what everyone here thinks about it. Here's a link to the article.
  9. BituinTheSheets

    I use, it's koo...I've been on it for a couple of days now. What's your account name?