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    Clyde Carson Thread

    damn thats the slap
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    DirectTV users

    has anyone else purchased a hd receiver from costco, then canceled a few months later and have these fools tell you its a leased receiver. Biggest fucking scam i have ever had pulled on me. I paid 140 for the box thinking i owned it, now they say i have to return it. i feel like blowing up a...
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    Hooked on Meth

    One of my closest friends is currently hooked on that shit. he has cut off all contact with his friends, and family. his family is only his grandpa b/c he never knew his parents. i finally found out where this fool is after a few months and he is fucked up, got jacked for all his shit, and is...
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    HD Torrents

    i have 1 invitation to a website that has torrents only in HD available. My friends are either members or dont know how to download torrents. anyone interested send me a pm with your email address. (not an add, trying to hook a sicc member up). Not sure how i will pick who to give it to, but...
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    Now that E40 and Lynch dropped...

    whats cds should i be looking forward to? i heard Turf Talk has a new mixtape out soon, but is there anything else.
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    YouTube not Working

    for some reason youtube hasnt worked for me for like a week now. videos linked from youtube on other pages work for me. all it says is "an error occurred, please try again later". any help appreciated.
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    Buying a Car with no job

    whats the deal with going to a dealer and buying a new car, but with no job. i easily have the money for it but no job at this point. anyone ever bought a car at a dealership and was able to pay payments without a job? no i dont sell drugs, i do like to gamble though.
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    embedding for idiots

    can someone tell me how to embed a video from youtube. i see on youtubes site it has a link if you want to embed a video, but that shit wont work for me. i feel like an idiot.
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    Clyde Carson Thread

    especially after bass rock
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    Clyde Carson Thread

    if someone said yes would you really believe them? based on this thread i dont think i can believe anything from clyde or his camp.
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    Clyde Carson Thread

    haha still not out
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    Clyde Carson Thread

    hella wack, drink some hyphy and put energy into releasing this shit.
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    Clyde Carson Thread

    went to rasputins today to get it for a dollar. didnt see it there so i asked a sales associate if they had it and she looked at me like i was an idiot. im just going to download that shit now, fuck it. the bay area rappers easily have the worst advertising and promotion, if it wasnt for myspace...
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    clyde and jacka on itunes?

    are jacka and clydes new albums gonna be on itunes tuesday?
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    spice 1- you done fucked up

    who spice talking about in this song?
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    need live Warriors stream

    trying to watch this thunder dubs game anyone have a link. know this has been asked before but cant find thread.
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    Fuck Photo Enforced Lights

    got one in the mail today. whoever invented that shit i hope he dies in a red light accident. that is all.
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    Mel Kiper Jr.

    you love him or hate him? i think he needs to lay off the blow.
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    Hunnid Rack Blunts

    Anyone know anything about these? of course they have an ad on siccness but have no info about them on their website. sober up