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    who said i was trying to stir shit up? all i did was ask how it was out there. i guess you dont know what its like when ppl are having problems with each other across town or whatever? my question was simple, just in general what is the feeling like out there. is it chill, or are people more...
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    actually 2 be more specific whats up with Federal Heights, is it coo out there or what?
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    whats crackin in denver? is Montbello active or what, and whats up with the other northside and eastside hoods? is ppl beefing hard between each other or is ppl just more laid back usually? and what about racial shit, becuz in places like out in Riverside where I was at for a while the west side...
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    I haven't heard the rest of that Left-N-Lock but I heard "My Backpack" and I'm feelin it major. It's good to hear something different like that with some meaning. Someone plz up this shit somewhere so your boy can be forever grateful.
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    Young Dru - Blockstar

    Is it being released on Yukmouth's label? And not to dis on Yukmouth or anything, but his shit can be found all over the place. Is Dru going to be like that and stop repping the underground?
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    Never - Mama's Disappointment

    damn that shit is tight. the homeboy came tight too, but the lyrics are real deep best track i heard in a long ass while
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    That fool is tight, has he done his own shit or just collabs? Same with Creep, has he ever released his own shit?
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    propz 2 woodie

    major respects to woodie for coming with real ass lyrics, not that wack shit you hear everywhere else. like when every other song on a fools shit is all about gettin at hoes, that shit is played out, much love for giving us something we can feel. peace