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    Streetsweeper Social Club

    im feeling this project a lot
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    The New Metallica

    i bump this all the time. metallica is the truth
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    R.I.P. Billy Powell (Lynyrd Skynyrd)

    rest in peace
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    anybody ever heard of this fool ? i don't think he has no albums or anything out but he gots bars.
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    eliot lipp

    hell yeah this cat is ill
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    What Song or Songs Would You Want Played At Your Funeral?

    play rest in piss by brotha lynch hung at my funeral
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    to be honest i would recommend all of their music. they got quality stuff. i'm going to check out that black moth super rainbow group. i'm all about that psychedelic shit.
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    yeah that's who i'm talking about. they're on warp records. their live show is crazy. thanks for the welcome. i never got banned. i'm just new to the board.
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    this dude murders cats in battles. any of you guys know what's up with him ?
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    anybody on here listen to this group ? they got some crazy music.