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    Twisted Insane ft Brotha Lynch Hung & C. Ray - INFINITY

    Songs dope really wasn't any need for lynch on it he had no energy x raided would of been epic
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    Damm I miss him he has a few newish songs on YouTube can't believe he never really blew up made a wrong move fuckin with DJ clue Yung Ro was raw as fuck too but he got all cracked out his brains gone added him on FB he's insane
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    Lynch muisc dont cut it no more

    She's hard last time I heard her was on song buy a English guy named motzi he must of paid for views had the top album of lol
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    Hate on x raided

    He did 26 years obviously didn't snitch lol that's a fuckin long time and to come out so positive straight to work smashed out a hard album right away...I can't see how anyone could hate on the guy he's a fuckin inspiration
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    Hate on x raided

    I was locked up in mid 2000s in Cali raided and cbo are legit
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    Hate on x raided

    It was some loser ass gang bangers wanted clout heard one was a wanna be rapper
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    It's good he's fuckin with bleezo he's a fuckin beast and still fresh
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    I bought it off Google music just to show support have it on Spotify too...Thing is he's just getting started he has fresh energy unlike all his peers he came up with...Lynch is washed c bo is washed luni coleone is washed ...even Tnutty
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    Siccness is so dead I haven't been on here in years ..used to be Poppin a realease like this should be a big deal on here haha
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    The album's hard as fuck he's on point just have to listen wanna hear him with crooked I
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    Zro vs Trae whos better

    Me personally Zro way harder both fuckin sick with a hige catalogue on og status Ros just colder
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    Who invented mumble rap Juvenille? ??

    Curious lol this shits gettin outa control
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    Strange music needs to sign Horseshoe gang

    They have the talent just needs the exposure and guidance shit would go nuts
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    Horseshoe gang Anti trap music new album

    Its dope as fuck dudes always had bars for days now there more refined and sound sharper than ever imma say there better than slaughterhouse right now chemistry wise
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    Asap rocky got beat up in Auckland

    Dude got punked lol hid behind woman screamed and cried
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    Do or Die Picture This 2 anyone hear this?

    Albums dope best revisit so far feels like the 90s again
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    What Do Yall Think Of Jon Connor?

    Is he gonna blow up...or be another Bishop Lamont.....
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    Maybe im just high ..but a krizz klaiko feat chalie boy track would be dope

    i wanna hear it ............
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    Horse Shoe Gang Mixtape monthly series?? anyone fuckin with this??

    Horseshoe Gang - Mixtape Monthly Vol 7 Hosted by DJ Far // Free Mixtape @