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    They Call It "Rape"

    Big Choriz back in this bitch.. I'm here to rape bitches.. takin virginity illegally Go in & out the pen for exposin myself indecently Shit I need to be locked away without parole Been stabbin bitches since I first found the hole I been gone.. my return had to wait till I bounced back But I...
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    Big Chorizo Vs ovarbmu

    I accept your invitation loco. 8 bars, for practice. Ovar gets popped when Chorizo drops his shit I'll stick you vato, but I aint gay so not with dick Sorry I know you wanted it, hate to ruin ya plans You runnin like Mike Johnson, I put two in ya cavs Fuck an open invitation, I'm still gonna...
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    Runnin Game

    Some game for you vatos. I grab a bitch & they laugh until my dick's in they ass Then all they doin is screamin like they rippin in half Aint no holdin back, in the club I'll be throwin mack Slide my dick in their mouths until they choke & gag Walk up and be like "what up bitch, you want some...
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    The Top 10 Textcees

    No bullshit in this post people, please. Anyway I was browsing the board's posts from WAY back and saw that Tim C started a couple threads asking who people thought were the best of the board. I just wanted to do the same and see who the current people thought were the ten best, from the past...
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    I've posted a request for Soulcollector's banning in Nemo's forum. Click the link below and support it, I know none of you like that annoying little bastard, so let Nemo know he needs to go. Normally I would never resort to asking for someone to be banned, but this kid is too much. The worst...
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    BIG CHORIZO VS. soulcollector

    You're a joke.. nobody here thinks you can rap I'll beat you in fact nobody here will leave you intact The only thing you collecting is some dick in the ass You never picked up on rap, now you gettin kicked off the map When you gonna learn you just can't hang with the croud? You're not welcome...
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    An Example Of The Old Flows Board That's when shit was hard. I like where Fatal and Curt were going back and forth towards the beginning. Classic shit.
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    BIG CHORIZO Vs. Da Bay

    Check it bitch I'm a pimp that's sumthin you don't know about I'll do your girl like I did you, with a dick in her throat & mouth Got you chokin on semen but we all know that's nothin new I'll carve you like pumpkins foo, stab you till sumthin spews I got fags like you on my nuts actin like they...
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    So Gangsta

    Fuck what you heard, my shit is so spectacular I kick my shit sick then fuck a bitch afterwards I'm a rapist, coming at fools with no respect Holdin techs, if you resist the dick you get broken necks I address all hoes & fags with out a bit of courtesy I'll rape your ass raw until my fuckin dick...
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    Met up with some Siccness homies!

    Met up with Killahoe, Nytmare, and another guy but I forgot his siccness handle. Had a cool little BBQ going. Some cool folks. I thought we would get shot or something but everything turned out nice. Put back a few beers, ate some good ass ribs, flowed a bit, and just chilled. Cool ass day...
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    I've been looking for it for a long time. Where can i pick it up?
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    new and ready to bust 1..

    ..ready to bust a nut. walking down the street with my chorizo hanging out showing all the homies what it's all about i hit the park with my deuce-deuce up under my belt ready to put all my punk ass enemies on the shelf im playing the game of life with the shitty cards ive been dealt killing...