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    Its just not the same....
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    Who do you guys have Against The Spread

    panthers + 4 o/u 36.5 eagles - 4 ``````````````````````` colts + 3 o/u 44.5 patriots - 3 if i had to take a straight bet i would do panthers +4 and patriots buy a half point on that down to -2.5 instead im doing two teasers panthers +10 over 30.5 colts +9...
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    NCAA says no to 30mil from GATEWAY to play usc vs lsu

    man this is some bullshit...they put up 30 mil and they still wont let the game happen..what the fuck is going on here
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    almost time for the playoffs to start

    i know my team is not in it but i get hella pumped up regardless...some good games today... ten vs. balt dal vs car both games seem to close to call mcnair got mvp but balt has beaten them 5 times in a row and the dal/car game is going to be a defensive battle i say tenn and car win
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    ahhhhhhhh...over 48.5....of course it will

    you have got to be fucking kidding me...i had a little bet on over 48.5 on the game last night and the first half this looked to be all but a halftime i all but was counting my winnings...45 fucking points in the first half there is no way thay are not going to score at least 4 more...
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    chiefs great start = bad finish

    they are getting destroyed by the vikes..and damn the OU for this game was 55 and its going way over...i guess KC -3 was a bad bet
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    garcia fighting for his job

    i know it was a game with very little meaning..the niners have basically no chance at the playoffs...but if garcia kept up his level of play that he has displayed all year some folks were going to be on his case for the rest of the year...good to see him get out of the funk that he was is...god...
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    damn lynch and cos rip it up on "im on edge"

    just want to be coolin in the shade gettin blazed, but niggas hate, so call me joe cool, im from the old school, cos rips the whole verse dont talk to him less you talked to me, i aint never scared come and take a walk with me, im fully prepared, and they wont find the body fry the body and...
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    whens the new tech comin

    any date yet
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    mixtapes is sicc

    bo rips it up on those beats, damn im feeling this more then his last few releases
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    is it just me or is the siccmade forum is that all about...this site was built on the siccmade name from the beginning...i know that they have grow a lot since the beginning but why drop siccmade...or im i jumping to conclusions did i miss something
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    damn this song is straight heat...3 long ass sicc verses...this is the kinda shit i love hearing... makin all the streets hot, wit the heat from the glocc, and i pop holes i ya chevy blocc, and i pop those if ya ready, or not, get set go.... you know me nigga i stay up in the cut, every...
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    lynch is spittin heat on #18 i gets off

    forever packin metal, i deminstrate it to several, i spit like diharea, i wish you would try to a see a, rip gut nigga that will split up ya gut, like a meat market you a bad wire about to get replaced, im a bad guy about to run up in ya face, wit the 38, and lay ya down in the crate im...
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    i called everywhere for that COS this morning and they said its not coming out till oct 15th. not suprised though. who really thought it would come out today?
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    what happened to "that post"

    take a look around, wtf, its missing. i was on last night and it was here, did someone...........wait there listening... im high as fuck, seriously what the fuck happened
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    does anybody know....

    this is a wierd question, does anyone know of a website that I can order cds from and have them shipped to a prison. im trying to send my bro some tapes and he told me go to but the shit is down. if anyone knows a site that i can do this on post it up, thanks
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    Going camping

    damn i have not been in over 5 years, im about to leave in a sec. im going to mount Tom(this is what i was told never herd of it before) supposidly its past mammoth pools. this is some real camping, aint shit up there but us, food, beer, bud, and bears. im be back on sunday
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    when i got up i called all of the record store around.. sam goody was the only one that had it.. this shit is lovin everytrack so far. im on #10 shit is tight. cant wait for lynches solo
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    the plague?

    not a lot of talk about this even though tomarrow is the release date. it must have been pushed back. could have sworn i herd augest bad they must have ment can we get a straight honest answer for this release please?
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    Is the DE ever....

    is he ever going to send out the new album to the winners of the contest. he said a while ago that he was, i bought one because i had a feeling that it would take sometime. but i still would like to recieve it just for the autographed poster. where ya at DE, where ya at DE