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    Im selling Jordans on ebay check out my auction

    right now i got like 3 auctions: Jordan X Supersonic Edition Retro Jordan 19 black/red...
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    I got jordans 1-20

    authentic jordans, straight from the source so im selling them cheap. If you are interested message me. Most jordans 1-20 i got the 11's 13's in rare colors and a lot of limited edition jordans. I got the Dub Zero's $100. I got the black/gold ones that aint even out yet. Im tellin u rare...
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    Bavgate Official Thread

    i think he coo but all my patnas think he is boo boo
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    fuked up... RIP

    man on saturday my patna got killed.... heres the article... RIP he didnt bang or nuthin, he was hella coo.... went to church more than i did
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    Thats him too

    talkin bout the beginning of of #8 on jacka "sometimes i ft. mob figaz" he said "thats him too" he talkin bout rob lo right
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    this is bad... rip to fat tones aunt.

    they tryna take out the whole fam. rip
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    haha that lucky motha fuckah!
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    Mac Dre Presents BavGate - The Instigator

    Just heard this shit, the boy bavgate aint playin! i had damn near skipped thru the whole cd i was like this is crap, but then listened to it again off about 3 blunts.... he got mac dre, juvenile, skip, harm, and a few other rappers on his shit. but bavgate outshines everyone. the beats are...
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    Favorite ONE HIT Wonders

    militia - burn
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    who knows the telephone number for this place. even better who knows the address. mother fuckers took my money!!!
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    Do LA be listenin to bay shit.

    i got a few patnaz from la and they be sayin that LA do not be feelin the bay at all. bay artists be having to give out there cd's out there and half the time niggas just throw the cds away. i know up here in the bay LA gets no play from the streets. maybe the radio.
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    Warriors LOSE

    dam did u see arenas just win the fucking game last night? he pulled a kobe!!
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    sideshow mayne

    a last night i was in the east at the sideshow it was crazy. at first it was coo mayne everyone stuntin and then we pull up on bancroft and shut the intersection down so we can see what it do. niggas swangin 50's and old schools and shit. but shit at the end of the night going from block to...
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    All cultures are racist in some way so you muh fuckas bitchin about that shit fuck you. you cant stop that racist shit mayne. muh fuckas gon be racist and that shit aint coo but thats just how it is mayne. I got homies from damn near every race and all them got they ideas about how different...
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    Snoop Dogg -R&G

    this is the new album from snoop. shit is slappin mayne. it is different than his past shit its getting to more singing shit but it is still slappin mayne. little less singing next time mayne.
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    July 4th what is goin down?

    What is everybody up to today? Wats crackin?
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    x-raided gay?

    a i was knockin the initiation the other day. and on the song "why do they die" he says "you made me come out my thong" that sounds gay i never heard no rapper say some shit like that. U think he got turned out in jail hahaha.
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    Favorite X-Raided Song

    I been knockin X-Raided all day for some reason. All his flows are ridiculous. I think he more flows than anybody out of sac. Anyway my favorites have gotta be: Consider Me Dead (Off that initiation) Sac A Indo (Off that Vengeance is Mine) How the West Was Won Witta Mask on Pt. 2 Relentless...
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    Guce and Killa Tay - Bullies Wit Fullies 2 (Review)

    Picked it up yesterday. Soaked it in. Heres my review. 1. Intro (We Bang) - Slappin ass beat. Sounds kinda like that luni coleone song "my name." Tay rips it. 9/10 2. About Me Ft. The Game - This beat sounds kinda like White T's Blue Jeans and Nikes. Its an O.K. song. 7/10 3. Roll Deep Ft...
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    Dubb 20

    I heard him on a lot of mob figgaz shit. I think he a part of the ghetto starz. He be spittin harder than some of the figgaz. He got a cd out or what cuz the only time i hear him is featured on some mob shit.