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    I.M.P. Shinin Star feat. Cougnut

    he added a Cougar verse toward the end
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    What’s up with the Siccness? Who is still here?

    Good times. We should make it pop off again. “Buy my rimz?” “I wish San Quinn was my dad.” “Capri shorts.”
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    What’s up with the Siccness? Who is still here?

    I come in from time to time and check things out. I started posting in 1998-99. Hope all of y’all are well. Who still posts? Who owns the site? What are you all listening to with the new generation? Have we all grown out of the Brotha Lynch / Keak / Dre / San Quinn days? What are your...
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    Gotta have some love and respect how Equipto and Nickatina stopped makin music but neither have really been public about it. It’s like you wanna know but there’s so much respect there we never hear about it. You gotta think artistically Equipto went a certain direction and so did Nickatina but...
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    "Who Killed Mac Dre?"

    To be honest I just don’t have 15 min to hear Willie Henn opinion. Love his music tho. Sic used to transcribe the interviews would be really helpful!!!
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    R.I.P Cougnut

    RIP. Time has came and went to release his old vocals, almost need a “Cougnut education” vid now to show the youngsters. Hope anything left is released soon!
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    Bay Area Producer TRAXAMILLION Has Passed Away After Long Battle With Cancer

    RIP. Cancer is a bitch hope he’s in a better place. Bay Area legend and The Slap Addict was and still is classic!
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    Citizen Cope - The Gambler
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    Andre Nickatina -Train No Love (Official Music Video)

    he dropped an album 3 years ago - I believe he did a go fund me for it tho. I mean at this point do you care? He’s like 50. He’s made a pretty successful catalog for 25 years if he can live of his music and shows who cares
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    RIP Zumbi from Zion I

    Berkeley police are investigating the death of Bay Area rapper Stephen Gaines, who went by the stage name Baba Zumbi as part of the group Zion I, after a physical altercation at a hospital, according to officials and people close to Gaines. Gaines, 49, was a prolific hip-hop musician and MC...
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    Cougnut - Scandalous 2 (Revised)

    I think Eddie fresh is bay way and made that album this is a remix. Thx for sharing Eddie fresh
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    "Who Killed Mac Dre?"

    What happened to Damon Whitmill tho
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    RIP to Maino from 11/5

    RIP. My fav 11/5 member.
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    Lil Yase Official Thread (R.I.P.)

    Sad to hear about Yase rip. Seems like there isn’t a lot of follow up in the news outlets...assuming the cops are keeping it close to the vest or they don’t have any legit leads
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    Diss Tracks from Rappers that Never Even Met the Rapper they Diss

    Wanted to hear your opinions on rappers who diss other rappers that they've never met. Not from the same neighborhood or region, never done business together, never met in person, no personal or cultural differences that would be reason to make a diss track. When I was younger and a little more...
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    Cougnut album?? Anyone??

    Still waiting!
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    Felt (Murs & Atmosphere) – Name in ya Mouth

    Glad to see another FELT album. Both very underrated - Atmosphere is a Top 3 in concert to me as well
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    Classic Bay Rap mixtape (92-96) DJ Doobie Howser

    Nice mix. I like that JT/CWH mix in the beginning. Couple tracks I don't know if Ive ever heard. Thx for sharing
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    Post a dope Bay Area/Sac Rap Album Cover -New/Old

    Raven had a great layout. They included the lyrics in the cd book too.