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  1. DenverInput

    Tech talks about arrest
  2. DenverInput

    Anybody watching Justified on FX?

    I think its a good show, im a fan off timothy olyphant and thats the main reason i checked it out.
  3. DenverInput

    help with connecting to ps3 network.......

    i got the ethernet cable pluged in and i put the netflix streaming dvd in and it says i have no connection, so i tried to get on ps3 network and same thing, any ideas?
  4. DenverInput

    studying to get my cdl license....

    has anyone on here took a cdl test lately???
  5. DenverInput

    Should the NCAA Tournament be expanded?

    I say hell no, what do you all think?? FROM COLLEGEHOOPS.NET In a week that saw Kentucky’s super-frosh John Wall introduce himself to the country against two national powers in North Carolina and UConn, and Texas Tech establish itself as the surprise of the young season, a bigger story got...
  6. DenverInput

    This is crazy lol......

    He was trying to get the stick to a little girl
  7. DenverInput

    Metal Gear Solid Rising
  8. DenverInput

    Quick question....

    Ive been trying to find a website to watch the sopranos on, is there websites for this?
  9. DenverInput

    A lot of hate on towards tech.....

    Ive been looking at the forums on and pretty much everyone on there hates crazy on tech. Im just curious as to why these so called "Underground" heads have all this hate towards him?? Thoughts????
  10. DenverInput

    Recommend some death metal

    Amon Amarth
  11. DenverInput

    FLesh N Bone back in the pen

    What a moran
  12. DenverInput


    I was woundering what people'e thoughts are on Braille?
  13. DenverInput

    Seperation of race

    To me it seems that the media keeps us all seperated by race and i get so mad at how everything sinlge thing seems to turn into a race thing. thoughts?
  14. DenverInput


    I love Slipknot, the new album is actually pretty good.
  15. DenverInput

    uploading my album to a website

    How do i upload my album to a website to be downloaded?
  16. DenverInput

    Cell Phone question???

    is there any way to use the memory card from a phone or sim card to put in a new phone so you dont loose numbers, pictures, ect.??
  17. DenverInput

    my space help

    can some one help me on generating the codes for an artists music player?
  18. DenverInput

    OT:myspace question

    how do i put our music player in bullitens?
  19. DenverInput

    Zaboo BKA Boozilla's 9:56 minute Documentry

    hell yea watched it the other day, really good video