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    Kuzzo Fly a Luniz member now?

    Note the multi platinum group hashtag like he had something to do with it :LOL:
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    E-40 interview with KXNG Crooked (Crook’s Corner)

    Dope interview. Thought I’d post it on here in case you want to check it out:
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    New A-Wax album Demonz N My Bleep Sept 2019

    Anyone on here got info? That’s 3 singles he’s released now and he teased another I think Demonz N My Bleep, maybe that’s a Woodie tribute? Thx
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    Question about A-Wax Everlasting Money album

    Any of you has the CD? I got a brand new copy just recently and every single track skips every 20-30 secs. Any of you has the same problem? CD has no scratch and came factory sealed so I can only assume it is a faulty copy and I need to get myself another copy. Just want to make sure it’s not...
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    Yukmouth and Gonzoe make up

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    The Jacka’s Tear Gas turns 10 this year

    Hard to imagine it’s almost 10 years since he put out the Tear Gas album (it came out in June 2009)... I was bumping it just now, and I remember not really feeling the album as much as The Jack Artist back then. I think a lot of people didn’t it like when it came out. Now that I listen to it...
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    Boogie ‘Silent Ride’ plus Shady Records debut out 01/25

    Not sure if that song will make the album but sounds pretty good I think...
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    New C-Bo solo album out on Monday ‘Animal’

    Tracklisting and first single/music video ‘Animal’. I see that he’s also putting out a new Thug Lordz album with Yukmouth later in the year.
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    Savages (Yukmouth and J Hood collaboration album)

    It’s out since last week. Did you check it out? What do you all think? 01. Set Up Shop 02. Keep It Gangsta f. Stikk 03. Savages Theme 04. Popular f. Ampichino 05. Still in the Streets f. Keak Da Sneak & 4Rax 06. Feddi 07. Everybody Know Me 08. They fukking Dead 09. Redrum 10. Orale 11. I Know...
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    What happened to Kaz Kyzah’s debut album Satellites?

    I’ve always liked his voice and delivery in The Team. Found that track on SoundCloud that probably was going to be on his solo album. It knocks. Do you know if it got scrapped altogether?
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    Vince Staples - Get The Fuck Off My Dick

    That new single is fire. Hopefully there’s a new album coming soon.
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    New Bun B album 03/16/2018

    Titled Return of the Trill. Will be good to hear some new Bun B.
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    02/16/08 Today’s a good day for Westcoast music

    Nipsey’s Victory Lap is out. Daz Dillinger’s Dazamataz is out. Yuk’s JJ Based On A Vill Story 3 is out. Which one are you feeling the most?
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    AP.9 - 94th N Jack

    Its up for pre-order on rapbay The first single is out and features the full Mob Figaz group: All My Enemies (feat. The Mob Figaz) - Single by AP.9 on Apple Music Husalah came correct on this one I think... Tracklist 1. 94th n Jack 2. Bout That Action (feat. Yukmouth) 3. All My Enemies...
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    Bishop Lamont - Heebie Jeebies

    Could end up on his sophomore retail album titled Tunnel Vision� which is supposed to drop this year...
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    Yukmouth - JJ Based On A Vill Story Three

    1. Realest Nigga Alive Prod. B.C. 2. The Vill (feat. Chippass, G-Stack, Big Fase Mel) Prod. The Mekanix 3. Break My Arm Prod. B.C. 4. Jazzy Jeff (feat. Swifty McVay & D. Focis) Prod. Cool Beanz 5. Pain (feat. Ampichino & A.R. Deville) Prod. Roblo 6. Survival Prod. Roblo 7. Boss Life (feat...
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    New Luniz album coming out in March

    New Luniz album “No Pressure” out in March Tracklist 1 Linno the Winno (Intro) 2 No Pressure Feat. Hippy Creed 3 Let Us Through the Door Feat. D-Fuller 4 One Nation Feat. Noble 5 You Are Not What You Think You Are Feat. 4Rax 6 Keep It Moving 7 Linno the Winno (Intermission) 8 I'm Alright...
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    Mozzy’s 1 Up Top Ahk vs C-Bo’s The Problem

    I feel these 2017 releases were the most major albums for Sacramento rap in a while because of the buzz around Mozzy and also the beef between them. What made the albums interesting to me when considered together is how they represent two sides. Of course the red and blue but also the young and...
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    Thoughts on new Keak Da Sneak album?

    Gave it a spin just now and it is pretty good. Hearing The Mekanixx tags on all songs gets annoying after a while though... what do you think of the album?