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  1. Bearfootgang

    Old messy marv would have murdered this new mess song

    Imagine old mess on this beat instead of new crack head mess sheeeeesh
  2. Bearfootgang

    Devilz Rejectz 3 out august 10th

    Offiial release date and the preorders are already up. Hopefully the album is good. The only thing that sucks is ampichino changed the cover last minute to this ugly ass cover. Original cover IMO was much better and went with the theme of the album. Original cover New cover
  3. Bearfootgang

    Messy Marv & San Quinn EXPLOSIVE MODE 4

    it just dropped today. Cover looks like MSpaint toddler work but I hope it's good. It's on iTunes who wanna be a champ and post it for us on here to download?
  4. Bearfootgang

    Another new jacka mixtape

    Part 2 popped up. Listening to it at work all morning. Some good songs on this. Always good to hear more jacka tracks. The Jacka - Mob Files Vol. 2
  5. Bearfootgang

    The Jacka new mixtape on Datpiff

    I wanted to download the g-slaps radio mixtape from jacka and came across this on datpiff. Anyone heard it ? Has some dope tracks some old stuff too and newer stuff I never heard. I downloaded it to my phone been listening to it in the whip. The Jacka - Mob Files
  6. Bearfootgang

    Looking for the following on CD

    I have over 2500 cds that I bought over the last 17 years. I can trade other folks here or buy cds from you. I need the jacka's album "we mafia" and the mobfigaz/thizz ent compilation "mobbin thru the west" on CD. If anyone has either let me know. I am sure I have something I can exchange or I...
  7. Bearfootgang

    Prince Dreda - Hard 2 Kill

    Coming soon