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  1. eastbay50

    Happy Birthday to Big Tone!

    Sending a birthday shout out to Sav-It-Out founder/president, Big Tone!. have a good one! Cant wait for the new solo album next month either.
  2. eastbay50

    Happy Birthday to Big Tone!

    Sending a birthday shout out to Sav-It-Out founder/president, Big Tone!. have a good one! Cant wait for the new solo album next month either.
  3. eastbay50

    SAV-IT-OUT 2011

    BIG TONE, What can we be looking forward to from SAV-IT-OUT Records this year? SAV-IT-OUT DVD??
  4. eastbay50

    Happy Birthday Ryan "Woodie" Wood

    Pour some out for the homie Wood.We miss you wood, the yoc aint the same without you!!
  5. eastbay50

    Lil Dee

    When can we expect a solo from you? Been a long ways in the making.
  6. eastbay50

    Turtle Beach Headset

    I just picked up the wired one for my 360 which was around $60 up from Best Buy. If you play COD, Halo etc its definately a must have. Theres 2 other models which I think are wireless but ive heard mixed reviews about em...
  7. eastbay50


    I didnt see a post about it so id figure id make one. Shadow,The Jacka, Lil Raider, and Ono loco just to name a few will be on the comp. Anyone know the official release date? Just checked Big Tones myspace, release date October 24th.
  8. eastbay50

    Arizona heads chime in

    So I might be moving out there in the next couple months if not end of the year to the Phoenix area. I know housings cheap and widely available but how is the job scene there?. Also whats there to do in AZ for fun etc. I wanna know what ill be getting myself into. I already know summer...
  9. eastbay50

    Halo 3 Mythic Map Pack

    For those of you who didnt buy halo wars for the mythic maps, I just noticed this morning theyre being released for download on the live marketplace.
  10. eastbay50

    Woodies Music Repressed

    I got a question about his cds, Are they still being pressed? If so whos doing it KOCH? Just curious havnt been to a record store in awhile and wondered if any cds were around. I know theryre still available ie: ebay,used sections, whatnot.
  11. eastbay50

    Shadow aka Young Shad and MARS

    So I heard Shadow is working with MARS but dont know if its legit. Id figure id come in here and ask since yall prolly know.
  12. eastbay50

    Thumpz 4rm WSSJ Fame Entertainemnt

    Anyone else heard his material? i heard a song or 2 from him and its dope. Im trying to find a album but cant? Ok i found a myspace page of him check him out if you aint heard him before.
  13. eastbay50

    Sav-It-Out THE DVD

    No official release date but its in the works. Heres the cover fresh from Big Tones myspace. Heres a link to the preview
  14. eastbay50

    Put it in the wind anyone know the names of these homies?
  15. eastbay50

    BIG TONE- "The Code of Silence"

    I know hes working on his 4th solo, anyone know when this is dropping? maybe tone will chime in on this. Ive been waiting a min for some new material since the Biznezz dropped.
  16. eastbay50

    SAV-IT-OUT 2008

    I know this has been brought up but seriously is BIG TONE have anything in the works for this year? I know he posts on here but aint been on for a min. Im still waiting on the sav it out DVD to drop.
  17. eastbay50

    Sav-It-Out 2008?

    Whats in the works for sav it out 2008? Whens the DVD going to drop as with any more releases? I heard the biznezz was not going to be re-pressed is this true?
  18. eastbay50

    Woodie & B-Dawg Money & The Power Track

    I seen someone ask for it in my other thread so here it is. Its of The Co Co County Classic album which is no longer in print. Woodie & B-Dawg Money & The Power Co Co County Classic
  19. eastbay50

    Woodies Skylark

    So In a song i remeber him talking about puttin his lark for for collatoral to start ECCR but the las time i seen it was like in 04-05 here in the yoc off putnam. Does any 1 know what happened to it? Did he sell it or what?
  20. eastbay50

    Ammunition Woodie Track - "Northern Cali"

    I thought woodie came hella hard on this one with ammunition . i thought to post it up for those that aint heard it. The album is not in print anymore Ammunition 2002 -The stompilation Northern Cali feat. Woodie Fullproof Recordings