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    Vocoder on reason program

    keyboard or guitar..which gets the zapp n roger vibe across better? In my opinion, it's the guitar, but I'm barely learning how to play the guitar. I can see the difference though. guitar is cleaner.
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    With all the drama about snitchin' is going on.......

    Since everyone is so worried about snitchin' here and all... I think it would be cool to post your public records of arrest and convictions right here. To be fair, this IS the posting your names and the locations are unimportant. I am not ashamed that I only have 11 cases that are...
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    Mr.Villain announcing his candidacy for president

    First off, I haven't been to this forum in a grip so alot of ya'll may not know me. Plus, I am a different man than I was before due to years of self reliance and evaluating my life, my principles, basically, everything. I will not hit you with a bunch of propagandistic garbage and shoot...
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    Wsup ya'll????

    Just lettin' ya'll know i'm alive 'n shit.No use in responding to this thread though 'cause i don't own a computer,i'm just at the homies.W'sup [email protected] Mo,get at kaoz for my #,you too D. I'm doing well livin' in Tacoma on the E/S,got my fuckin' roll-out finally,it's pretty tight,so now i got...
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    Just a few examples of how saddam ''humiliates'' his own people....even his wives

    #1-When his ''concubines'' are on there menstral period,he hangs them upside down from a pole...gee i wonder what happens then??? #2-He sends his soldiers to peoples' homes to rape their wives or daughters infront of...
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    I dont know about ya'll........but if i was president......our troops would already be on their way back,toastin' bottles.This wastin' time trying to be diplomatic is pathetic.Only reason this shit is takin' so long is because of democratic pussies that don't get the fuckin' picture and Bush...
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    Crazy Broads and the men who love them....

    i know this guy(not saying who they are,but it ain't me) who got a bi-polar girlfriend who is pregnant,a wishy washy ass bitch.She tries to turn him against his family and really got this fool brainwashed into thinking that she is perfect and shit.So anyways this fool is fittin' to take care of...
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    Anybody know any blood and crip sets' from the IE???

    i used to live down in riverside.....And i know of the ProJect Crips and in san bernardino i know of the 5 time hometown crips........there any Bloods' out there in the IE cause i never ran across a single one?????
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    why do ya cats say ''nigga''??????

    i dont understand that.........if you are in a chicano or mostly chicano gang........why say nigga??????????My cousin be sayin' ''ENE'' and shit like that......but even when he banged blood on the outs,he never said nigga.
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    YOU FUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Wsup Ya'll get at me.........i'm doin' alright..........dank is rwal fire in portland.........get at me... peace...especially masked..i'm down a.s.a.p
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    i'm fittin' to FINALLY start my job here on the 3rd,and i just happened to come across a smooth gee today,so my having to stay in a motel or extended -expensive- ass stay is no more to those that know what i'm speakin' on....i'm headin' to PO either friday or Saturday to snatch me up an...
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    Anybody know wsup with

    The site keeps fuckin' up for'll load it then go blank and say it's done....nothin' is there...STARTIN' TO PISS ME OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!,lol.... anybody else experiencing this besides me???
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    @All the artists on here......

    I was just wonderin'...if you had to label your music.....what would you label it?
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    check ya pm's mayne.....
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    About that Adolph chump...........

    I think i just saw him on a commercial for some new show...sittin' at a carwash with his guitar with purple hair and shit...........could've swore it was him.....anyone else see this?
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    LETS VOTE/????????

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    Why does it say your from the CD on the intro to your site?????
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    @ the grown folks in the forum right here

    Do you have a do-or-die lady in ya life?
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    Got some hidden are to hear some shit....that shit on mp3 aint even doin' him justice.
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    Feeling sorry for yourself??????

    Do any of ya'll feel like it's alright to feel sorry for yourself ,at anytime in your life????