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  1. thuglord73

    Ebay Sale

    Hi, Here are my sales on ebay.
  2. thuglord73

    looking C.C. ?

    Hi, I'm looking for a C.C. album from oakland I think. You see who I'm talking about ? Rgds.
  3. thuglord73

    Who can give me the song title ?

    Hi, You can found the song ? Download 001.mp3 from - send big files the easy way
  4. thuglord73

    Who can give me the song title ?

    Hi, You can found the song ?
  5. thuglord73

    Who can give me the song title ?

    Hi, Who can give me the song title please.
  6. thuglord73

    Paris - Unleashed ITALY PRESSING ?

    Hi, value to this version ? It's not the same tracks: Press Italy: 1 Mob On 2 Fair Weather Friendz 3 Ride With Me 4 Act Right 5 Street Soldier 6 It Don't Stop 7 44 Wayz 8 Root Of All Evil 9 Widow 10 Sucks Free 11 Record Label Murder 12 Conversation 13 4 Da Ridaz (instrumental) 14...
  7. thuglord73

    /!\ SALE CDs /!\

    Hi, Contact me by pm (for info or pics) ! All is Very Good Condition or Like New ~ # 11/5 - Collections II Bootlegs & G-Sides 2Wice - Wuz Crackultain' 2000 50/50 Chances Compilation A Ant Banks - The Best Of B Bay Rider presents: Notorious Bay Vol.1 Bay Rider presents: Notorious Bay...
  8. thuglord73

    Mark D & O.C.C - Sadistic Journalist ?

    Hi, How much cost this album, Like New ? Rgds.
  9. thuglord73

    Lyrics Manish Mike Track 9 ;)

    Hi, Anybody can give me the lyrics of the tune of this song ? Manish Mike - '97 Playas Parade - YouTube thx !
  10. thuglord73

    Value for Little Bruce and African Identity ???

    Hi, How much the value for this 2 Cds ? Little Bruce ‎– XXXtra Manish (1st press, like new) African Identity - You Won't Come To My Funeral (like new) Regards.
  11. thuglord73

    Orginal from this track ?

    Hi, Which are the authors original of this song ? Yacktown Boys Club - Smokin On That Indo - YouTube
  12. thuglord73

    Orginal from this track ?

    Hi, Which are the authors original of this song ?
  13. thuglord73

    Cell Block Compilation - two covers ?

    Hi, I discovered this cover. It is a version European or other ? Or then it is the original ?
  14. thuglord73

    Where are the old archives ???

    HI, How to find the old archives of the section "Siccness Classifieds" Rgds.
  15. thuglord73

    DIfferrence OG, Repress...?

    I would want that we see together the following meanings: OG: 1st press, 2nd press... Reissue: Re-release: Repress: Bootleg: Where are the differences exactly ? Different cover, Label, Years, Vulgar copy by X, etc.
  16. thuglord73

    Question on Albums "Promotional"

    Hi, I have a question on CDs "Promotional". I often see albums Prormo at a higher price. That albums are nevertheless identical (ringcode, barrcode, cover etc.) Have they a more important value maybe because it is the first ones of the series ?
  17. thuglord73

    Brotha Lynch Hung – Season Of Da Siccness "1st Press"

    Hi, A person can say to me how much be worth this album ? of course the first press album.
  18. thuglord73

    K.I.L. - Keep It Live (Which is the original version OG)

    Hi, is there someone who can show me version OG 1st press from this album. Front, Back and CD ! Regards.
  19. thuglord73

    How Much, 2 One One, Dee-Mack, Playaz Tryna Strive, Underground Rebellion.... ???

    Hi, It's me again ! A person of my circle of acquaintances wants to buy my CDs OG PRESSES. This is what he wishes. 2 One One - In Progress (Perfect, Like New) Dee-Mack - Doin It My Way "1st press" (New) Playaz Tryna Strive - All Frames Of Game (Perfect, Like New) Selfish - I.O.U. Nothin'...
  20. thuglord73

    How much for "G-Man Stan presents - Bay Area Femmes Fatales" ???

    Hi, is there someone who can tell me how much this album costs from G-Man Stan Keith ? this album has been released only in japan: and now it is unavailable. Rgrds.