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    A History of RBL Posse with Black C: On Bammer, Mistaken Murders and Lessons Learned
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    Master P vs. Everybody

    Ice Cube - Jackin' for Beats (December 18, 1990) k3Vn12rvPfM Master P - Jackin' fo da Holidays (November 8, 1994) JFig1gYE4hg Scarface - I Seen a Man Die (October 18, 1994) QQeN-OXZrLo Master P - When They Gone (June 6, 1995) NDwVbaUf-do UNLV - Nigga I'm Bout It (June 1995 or earlier)...
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    Pig Food

    They're a little weird but they're dope. Here's a bunch of their music videos and some freestyles. The Fork & Knife is NSFW - female in a thong, male recreating the Goodbye Horses scene from Silence of the Lambs. xM6OrsVyoMw AaYgJ35nRrk J4Q-SpgP4Kg 0JarTW5fCv8 qlybJGU6bzs uk4GqDYBhNQ...
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    Woman grows potato in vagina in ill-advised contraception attempt Shocked medical staff in a clinic in the central Colombian town of Honda have discovered a potato growing inside a patient’s vagina, local media reported on Wednesday. The bizarre phenomenon was discovered...
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    Iggy Azalea Falls Off Stage

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    Woman attempted to molest little sister's friend during sleepover

    Woman attempted to molest little sister's friend during sleepover: Houston cops - NY Daily News A Houston woman is accused of attempting to molest a child during a sleepover party. Jasmyne Lashay Gilder, 21, was charged with attempted indecency with a child, Click2Houston reports. Gilder’s...
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    Test Footage for Deadpool Feature Film Online

    Update: Test Footage for Deadpool Feature Film Online - Last summer, comic book writer/artist Rob Liefeld spoke about some test footage for the Deadpool feature film put together by director Tim Miller with Ryan Reynolds reprising his role as the Merc with the Mouth. Now, a...
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    Rick Rock Beat - Angie Martinez/Tony Hardtimes

    In 2002, Angie Martinez got play with a single "If I Could Go" w/Sacrio produced by Rick Rock: -N5AnJbAI5A The beat was also used on the Watch Out Now mixtape by a guy named Tony Hardtimes doing a song called Blame over it... In the intro they seem to imply that this was his beat first: This...
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    AND she's a stripper! (NSFW) - Live in the Hood
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    Story Time with Meatchubs - Enjoying a Stripper's Bum

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    Some beats I made. Featuring...

    A-Wax, San Quinn, Proof of D-12 (RIP,) Mistah F.A.B., L'Roneous, Mars, Spice 1, Realistikk, Mastamind of NATAS, Sankofa, Cage Kennylz and some of my folks I grew up with.
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    Jennifer Tolstoy killed Bingo Tits.

    RIP Frisky Jeff & Tinklepuss. BssL4Fz_KZ0
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    Happy Birthday, Dana Dane!

    On this day, you slid into the world, naked, screaming, crying, covered in goo, and unable to speak coherently or take care of yourself... My oh my, how times have not changed. Happy birthday!
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    Virgil, Wrestling Superstar!

    Poor Virgil.
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    Fubu Back

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    Does anyone have a copy of RTH3 w/Big B, J RZ, Mars, Castro AND Q-Strange?

    I can only find the one without Q-Strange... ie yN3D1yZ5knQ There's one with Q on it... I wanna hear it again. Thanks.
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    Look at this video.

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    Hi, friends.

    How are you? I've been... Well, I've been. I've recently become unemployed. I was diagnosed with what the "doctor" called chronic diarrhea. (Did you know 1.5 million children die every year from this? It's true. I used to think it was funny but now I don't. Here is a link...
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    Bad news.

    Last night, I got the worst news I've ever received... Big Rich/head of MIR security died on Sunday. He was one of my best friends. Rest in peace, brother. -Gary