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    why cant I throw up pics

    why cant I throw up pics
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    1995-------me in 2017 not figg but the hustle must continue

    I mluv to 206-to the 415 to the 510-916 pitts cali ….su side 707 s.rosa….Fairfield keep putting thoughts on a padna who don't wanna burn or stick you do it like julio and sen black n brown
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    eleven five and rightfull place amonst heavy hitters in bay rap[94 2003]

    neva liked henn……………...t-gunna 1 point had tighter raps [not sales wise ] then bo,40,age, a lotta heavy hitters yet go peep after the drama 12 sumethin years later still ferocious …….on the block,2-4-1 smoke signal block buster pretty heated tracks fo the final full cd....they got with gabe 1...
  4. F' real padna if you had 5 rappers and 2 producers to start a label

    it was a real simple exercise fo' a bay fan then and now …. say 3 mics and 2 producers in your best case scenario luni coleone playa p keak d-moe/knutty from mobbhouse on a fe hooks I go cheaper beats wise cause with luni[hard,likeable] playa p.....eddy street aint no place like hom...
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    Post all your favorite Bay Area Websites here

    errrreaaha playa tymer padna after 11-14 years and a collection[just on the initial a-1 yola] that was approaching say 15oo-1750....poof gone ohhhh by the way the seatownking 4 cds deep had his own show hustlin97-2002 bay magic at my height I had 2,000...I told this a.paulsen bout ac's illmatik...
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    have you heard the 2012 celly,c-bo,wc cut

    it almost sounds like bay still alive fairly decent effort shit wc like 85 years old still talkin"yeah neah...diing ..feah" haha anywhy i was vaugely impressed by it anyone heard this new joint?
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    powers back in this bitch/batch/bootch...hey mac shawn be str8 on fire..hurtin

    hear that cut with black c? dope its on you tube i dont care bout' j-diggs rat disses or mr dawsons simple flow...cause guy mac shawn iz 1 entertaining rapper lyrics 5 outta 10 flow 9 outta ten hooks 8 outta ten style 9 outta ten voice 10 outta 10 i was talkin to one of his...
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    i bet u thought/hoped...i was gone ...but this iz to people 30 years old and

    plain and simple disses...just your true pick im talkin to people who where there in 95-98..buying bay slump/cds do not start with rappers/20 year old kids really..that are big now..thats dumb i had my own bay rap show doing like 50 cds release parties..breaking artists in...
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    ay 'yo where are my got any info on..

    i know you guys only love mess and mob figgaz but me im steady wondering where are these guys . all of these guys are some of my all time favs steve dee? str6 talented producer bring it hard or mellow...any word? he isnt even on goggle potent c///str8 great rhymer///info ? i saw him on...
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    one of powers last ever posts

    ok ready yall hate a guy with 3cds a guy praised by jamal rocker, i guy affilated with cah n records...the guy who interviewed bostic the point??????????????????? motherfucking k-1 from the funk mobb has some amazing cuts on youtube im talkin the best shit i heard in 10 plus...
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    does any one from vallejo post on here?..lookin fo troy vann, and reddog

    i met reddog in 99 and i was supposed to have a lunchin wit' troy member the golden bay this day str8 heated!!!!!!!!!!!!!! guess what that comp had 32 different rappers and producers and mixers work on it ...str8 quality keep going awesome beat feat a rufffff 40 the mossie...
  12. F' real padna if you had 5 rappers and 2 producers to start a label

    who would they be im talkin like bay....sac....and you gots a middle of the road budget[like 20,000 grand] fo' powers first off d-day from a-1...i pay him say 3,000-4,000 fo a solo plus a couple comp tracks next j-mack...say 4,ooo grand fo 5 cuts plus 2 beats next b-bumble 2,000 grand fo...
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    matt thurston,doff kapone ...vs...earl stevens,brandt

    check game i have spent years comparing d boyz to the click and in the end the winner iz d boyz why cause alot[not all but some click...e-40 shit sound cartoonish] while tony and doff can rap to the most minalistict beat you ever heard. e-40 iz the slang doctor but doff serve a uncut...
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    holy shit ever slumped a-1...all work and no sickwidit comp

    i found this cut on youtube never heard it all i gotta say iz...................dope! to me d-day is sav a-1 had hella flows steve wright on the production
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    ok fo' once i'll shut my guys throw up your top ten alltime bay mobbcuts

    just wanna see others lists ...cause as you know powers always acts like a know it all.......sooo lets see yall drops like starting in 96 to 2000 top ten bay slumps....go lets see some lists
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    mayynn j-bones cuts produced by sam bostic be on youtube

    guy...heva hitterz,feel me in the streets,when i see la baller season padna check game tymer like earl say"understand this shit learn about"
  17. F any of you got the hook on the sav julio goldtoes

    he know shawn im tryin holla at him and twamp nina and shawnie disses just couldnt find it on google thanks!
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    ay'yo'playas bumping doffs money mac on a mill cd i paid $60.00 bucks from ebay

    they remade money motivation the beats are soooooooooooooooo budget there dope so 707 smebbin mayynn when all the dust cleared...and the bay list iz done d boyz better then any one 11/5,3x,glp.rbl,click why they never had big azz paydays but i dont even matter them stars can rap to a...
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    i seen this guys top 50 west coast list, it was weak here is the top 25 cuts

    a few rules no old stuff[before 95 hip hop]...just str8 bay mobb so here iz the alltime greatest 25 bay slumps 25] 24]guce..happily ever after 23]game related...soak game 22]delinquents...cant be stopped 21]spice 1...hard to killa 20]san quinn,cellski,b-legit..drought...
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    it appears as if yall dont love doff kapone but on youtube

    there iz 3 or so new d-bone produced doff,beebop tracks just tryin keep the d boyz name going padna thats it we done