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  1. MrSteepPockets

    KABOSH? ??? I guess this was just a well done remix someone put together, I actually logged onto this site just to ask about it.... Would love to hear some Kabosh shit come out.
  2. MrSteepPockets

    We Need a 816 Boyz Album

    Flip Cam and Areola... Tracks are fire. I love the production, and we got 3 talented EMCEES flowing about one of my favorite topics: piercing the guts. I understand that the lyrics are neither thought provoking nor a showcase of the talent that is Strange Music but these tracks are fire and...
  3. MrSteepPockets


    Tis been a while, but I will be there 2night w/ orange nutthowzew shirt ~~ If you happen to see a playa in the Paladium please have the courtesy to holla at said playa. I have to run now, if this is a dupe thread please merge, I checked and didnt see any. Thanks you pimp ass mother fuckers!
  4. MrSteepPockets


    I will peep it and let you know
  5. MrSteepPockets

    Strange Music, where bullshit aint nothin’

    “… and Skatterman and Snugbrim’s *Censor* *Censor* “ What is up with this? Are these guys still going around the hood selling drugs and fuckin’ motherfuckers up? And what is the deal with all the bloods on the label? You guys think Strange is laundering money?
  6. MrSteepPockets

    Killin' It

    I just stumbled upon this... Dunno if you all have heard this track. Techs verse is OK IMO but nothing too special. <object width="425" height="349"><param name="movie" value=""></param><param...
  7. MrSteepPockets

    OT: DJ Louie DeVito @ Roxy 2nite

    Who's down? doors open at 10PM
  8. MrSteepPockets

    OT: Would you Date a Stripper?

    by date I mean take out on dates occasionally and fuck on a regular basis with or without commitment on your end.
  9. MrSteepPockets

    Music torrent sites, etc.

    It doesn't do shit, in fact your better off not using it.
  10. MrSteepPockets

    (Tech N9ne Presents) Krizz Kaliko - Vitiligo

    Albums amazing, if any one has the track 7 days by kaliko send me a PM i cant find it anywhere
  11. MrSteepPockets

    why tech n9ne has such a loyal following

    his delivery is absolutely amazing for one, and his content is clever but more importantly very very personal. Tech n9ne spits the kind of shit people only tell their best friends. So you almost feel like he is your friend... crazy ehhh? I dunno he just keeps it real and doesn't censor shit...
  12. MrSteepPockets

    WHY TECH WILL NEVER BE MAINSTREAM (Intelligent convo. only)

    There have been countless threads posted on this board by disgruntled technicians who cannot seem to comprehend why Mr. Aaron Yates is not on MTV or the Radio. In other words, many of the members of this forum think Tech&#8217;s music is meant for everyone. Anyways, there is a lot of truth to...
  13. MrSteepPockets

    International Player

    There is a song I used to have called something like... U$0 ft. Tech N9ne - International Player Song was tight as fuck and i want to listen to it again. Can any one help me out and post link?
  14. MrSteepPockets

    11.19.07 Hartford CT

    Who will be joining me for this epic concert?!
  15. MrSteepPockets

    How did you find out about tech n9ne?

    Ok this is a serious poll this time. How did you find out about tech n9ne? 1. P2P / File sharing network 2. Friend who used P2P / File Sharing 3. Heard him featured on a song that was downloaded from P2P / File Sharing network 4. Saw him in concert (IE if you were KMK fan and first learned...
  16. MrSteepPockets

    What to do with Autographed copy of MLK?

    Should i frame it or lock it in a safe?