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  1. 3xLaZY

    does anybody fuck with grooveshark? lots of free music...

    searched the forums for posts on grooveshark, but didn't find anything. anyway, it's like pandora, but you can pick individual songs you want to hear and make custom playlists. lot of bay rap on there. then you can share playlists with other people. pretty legit. started fucking with it since...
  2. 3xLaZY

    headphone reccomendations?

    i need to buy some new headphones, but since most stores don't let you actually test them out beforehand, i was wondering if anybody could recommend a pair...preferably some in-ear earbuds i most recently had a pair of skull candy earbuds, which i stepped on and broke, but i wasn't too...
  3. 3xLaZY

    Traxamillion making a beat live right now interesting
  4. 3xLaZY

    Fight in SF after the World Series

    i guess this went down at the mcdonalds right by the ballpark, i think it's on townsend... camera man punks out when it starts getting interesting lHkUKLLm7Z0
  5. 3xLaZY

    can we make a new siccness rule please??

    if you're gonna have a picture of a badass female in your sig, can you please put their name next to it so other people can find them on teh google for later fappage? sharing is caring! thaaaaaanks.
  6. 3xLaZY

    When bingo goes bad: OLD LADY FIGHT

    if it's a repost, kiss my ass...
  7. 3xLaZY

    if you have problems managing your money...

    check out it's's really been helping me keep my money in order. it automatically organizes all your expendatures and gotta give them your account info, but it's it. i promise it'll help you out...peace
  8. 3xLaZY

    Wanda Sykes is not funny!!!!

    really? i'm a huge fan of that show and i think she's really annoying on it. she's always gotta be the defender of black people or some shit...
  9. 3xLaZY

    whats your favorite racial mix for a female???

    me and my boys got into an argument about this, and we all had different answers. i've always liked the white/asians, black/mexicans, and black/asians...but mixed females usually come out lookin better for some reason to me, what u think?
  10. 3xLaZY

    man goes to jail for yawning|main|dl1|link1| (Aug. 10) -- As Clifton Williams sat in the courtroom in Joliet, Ill., awaiting his cousin's sentencing on drug...
  11. 3xLaZY

    for your pornographic needs.... you're welcome
  12. 3xLaZY

    TAX QUESTION: for people who pay for their own school...

    i'm filling out my tax forms, and i thought that i would get some sort of a refund since my brokeass paid for two quarters of college last year...did anybody fill out their taxes and include that info somewhere??? i got two forms in the mail from each of the schools i went to, but i don't know...
  13. 3xLaZY

    On average, how often does a CD come out that you actually give a fuck about???

    I remember the days when it seemed like there was one or two CD's every month that I had been looking forward to. Nowadays, I'd have to say that there's only 3 or 4 a year that I actually anticipate beforehand. Discuss.
  14. 3xLaZY

    how did you get your job?

    through personal reference? did you just blindly fill out an application? i know a lot of people are out of work right now, present company included, and i'm curious as to what is the most effective way of locking down new work...
  15. 3xLaZY

    get any question answered...

    this shit is dope for anytime you're arguing with somebody over some sort of's free...just text your question to 242-242 (cha-cha), or you can call 1-800-224-2242 (1-800-2-CHA-CHA)'s hella entertaining when you're drunk, they answer pretty much anything...among other things, i...
  16. 3xLaZY


    i like to think that i'm pretty good at bones, but every now and then, i play somebody who understands the game on a much deeper level than myself. i understand basic strategy, but would anybody (who has been locked up lol) like to share some of the more complex domino techniques, and strategies...
  17. 3xLaZY

    why are "cat people" hella weird though?

    i saw people talkin about cats in the person ass bear thread... my family has had cats, and i don't necessarily dislike them, but i just don't see what all the fuss is seems that you're either a dog person or a cat person, and cat people are hella weird/quirky...yeah i'm talkin about...
  18. 3xLaZY

    Summer Heights High on HBO

    i saw a preview for it on HBO, so I checked out the two episodes they have on on-demand...i thought it was pretty funny actually. the dude who writes the show plays the three main characters, he's a pretty good actor...i haven't really heard too many people mention it though, anybody else seen...
  19. 3xLaZY

    anybody sell insurance, or know someone who does??

    i had an interview today, but you gotta pay like 6 bills to get your insurance license. it's almost all commission/incentives, which is kinda scary. does anybody have any advice???
  20. 3xLaZY

    RIP Matt Garcia: Fairfield City Councilman

    in all my years living in fairfield, i didn't meet this cat until a few months ago. he had been coming in to my work several times a week...he was always friendly, outgoing and positive...and at 22, he was one of the youngest elected officials in the nation's history. this was the exact type...