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  1. RuffNRuggedThug

    Is It Too Late For Me To Order An Ugly Nigga Tee?

    i need a 2x tall
  2. RuffNRuggedThug

    ANNOUNCEMENT: All Rappers Please Send Me Your Music For Free Mixing And Mastering

    Mixing and mastering is a talent you're born with and I want to share my gift, I doubt it will be that difficult once I get the hang of it. First song is free then I will charge you the standard price I set. I currently have Fruity Loops and an Acer netbook and also the same kind of keyboard...
  3. RuffNRuggedThug

    whats your favorite thread asking what your favorite track is on an album

    i like the whats your favorite stevie joe track thread although i never heard the album
  4. RuffNRuggedThug

    Im Bout To Cruise Down The Street To Long Beach Just So I Can Meet A Freak

    To lick me from my head to my feet :cool::cool::cool:
  5. RuffNRuggedThug

    Goodbye, Nice Knowing You...

    Once the NFL season starts I'm gonna be posting less because I'll be watching more football
  6. RuffNRuggedThug

    Yo Ugly Nigga, Would You Sign With Bad Boy Records If Puff Told U To Change Your Name

    If Puff was feelin your music but he was like "Yo, we gotta change your name to somethin with more mainstream appeal bro", would you do it or stick to being known professionally as Ugly Nigga so as not to stray from your roots and your message? This is a hypothetical, it aint gotta be Puff...