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    J.Smitty feat. Tech N9ne (Intro)

    Here ya go! Yes, we all know it wasn't worth a BRAND NEW thread, but who cares!?!?!
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    O/T: So I was surfin thru pics at tech's website...

    I thought this was hilarious: Can we say new album cover?!?!? LOL!
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    A Squad feat. Tech N9ne - K. O. T. P. R. (Skit)

    Here ya go!
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    E-40 & Tech?

    Does anyone know if the e-40/tech collabo is still goin down? According to e-40's myspace, the ball street journal comes out 11/25/08...
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    OT: SS

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    OT: Ice Cube in KCMO Sept. 9, 2008!

    Ice Cube VooDoo Lounge at Harrah's Casino North Kansas City, MO Tue, Sep 9, 2008 08:00 PM MUST BE 21 AND OVER WITH I.D.
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    Thank You Tech!

    For putting out your best album ever!
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    Best Buy has KILLER for only $9.99 on 7/1!

    Hey everybody! I just thought I would start a new thread to inform everyone that Best Buy is going to sell Killer for only $9.99 on 7/1. Don't believe me? Check out and click the Weekly ad link at the top of the page and go to page 11. At that price, buy a few copies...
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    The Popper feat. Tech N9ne & Krizz Kaliko - Kiss This
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    Roll Call for Hot 103 Summer Jam Who's going?
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    Tradegy - Razorbladez & Handgrenadez

    Tragedy - Fuck 'N Phone Origin: Razorbladez & Handgrenadez (2005) * 1 phone message is Tech N9ne Tragedy - Murder Mix Origin: Razorbladez & Handgrenadez (2005) * Song ends with a Tech N9ne phone message Can anyone pm me these tracks from the album? thanks
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    Officially Released!! Tech N9ne & Prozak CD Sampler!
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    New Tech Track!!! WOOHOO!

    I just found this on MySpace: MR.GARTH-culti-VADER feat. Tech N9ne - Keep It Hott not sure if it is a whole track or a big snippett... but you can hear both person's versus... MR.GARTH-culti-VADER is a friend of Potluck... they have collabo'ed in the past
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    Kansas City, MO show switched to Lawrence, KS?

    check out the tour dates on his page: :confused::confused::confused:
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    Kinda OT: Dumb Question, just curious

    Does anyone on here live in Alaska??? Tech has the following tour dates: Thu, Oct 25 Anchorage AK TBA Fri, Oct 26 Fairbanks AK TBA dumb question, just curious...
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    [Mr Stinky Interview]

    for reals!
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    Yukmouth & Tech N9ne Show

    not that i can go... BUT! On Smoke-A-Lot Records website, It says Yuk & Tech will be doing a show on April 7 at Santa Rosa Fair Grounds in Santa Rosa, CA. I know this is on tech's page, but who cares! The Two Bosses back together for a show!
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    Classic Undeground KC Video

    thanks mocheez
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    Anybody actually find a copy of Alpha Dog Soundtrack?

    I looked all over Topeka and Lawrence and nobody had a copy of the Alpha dog Sountrack. All of the stores told me they didn't even order it or it's only available online... Anybody have any luck?
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    i'd appreciate it man